Nioh The Iga Escape Walkthrough

The following guide will walk you through the Iga Escape mission in Nioh and make sure that you’re able to avoid all of boobytraps to face off against the Giant Toad boss in the end.

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Nioh The Iga Escape

The mission starts with an encounter with a handful of enemies. Continue straight forward and then turn left from the house to get to the Shrine. Get into the structure by breaking down the wall and kill the Ninja inside.

Break the wall ahead and again head left down the hallway. In the room ahead are going to be two more Ninjas. Be prepared and get them both.

The next room has a Ninja as well. Take him out and then head up the stairs on the left.

There will be another room that you’ll come across where you’ll face another Ninja. After killing the Ninja, trigger the revolving wall that leads to a room with a large chest and a ladder.

Take that ladder and then turn right. You’ll be invaded by a Ninja right after you get into the room. Go through the opening to the left to find a fiend across the way. Be aware of the trap door while taking it down.

Go out through the doorway on the opposite side. From there, head down and kill the Ninja. There will be a Yokai and a revolving door at the bottom of the room. Activate the door and get to the next area.

Break another wall and get into a room with huge green crystals to break. Destroy the wall panel beyond the crystals and get out. Heading down the stairs and then taking left will lead you to a shortcut. You can make your way back to the courtyard and kill the Ninja there.

Head back to the stairs of the house and stay on the left to get a long walkway network to the other side while taking the enemies down. Getting into the structure at the end will take you to the Shrine. Get out of the shrine and head up the stairs.

Follow the way to the right and then on the left is the sliding door to be opened. After getting through the door, turn left to the corner. Drop down and avoid the spike hazard. Enter the room on the left to find a Shadow Realm Yokai.

Defeat the Yokai and get down through the hole in the floor. Get to the long plank across the center of this area. Head up and after opening some doors, destroy the screen, not of your device, and get back to the plank and then on the ground.

Get the archer above and kill the shadow realm yokai. Then open the double doors to the next room, where you’ll find some spiders. With your entrance to the room, there will be a spike attack that drops down from above.

Proceed to the next level and after killing the spider there, take the doorway out to the left. Keep going down the hall afterward. Ahead, you need to destroy a wall that will reveal a Yokai with a chest. Smashing the wall further on the right will take you to a room with a revolving door.

Getting through the revolving door and turning to the left will take you to another revolving door. Get in through the door and after killing the enemies ahead destroy the wall. Defeating the Nurikabe will reveal a hot spring.

Exit the hot spring and then go straight and then to the right twice. Take then immediate left down the hallway into a doorway. Open the double door across this room to fight the Giant Toad boss.

How to Defeat the Giant Toad

This can be a challenging and frustrating fight. In the first phase of the fight, make sure to attack in-between the boss’ attacks. The Giant Toad has just a few attacks to look out for but they are all lethal if taken directly. Hence, dodge the attacks and then use the opening to land in damage before putting up distance between you and the boss.

The second phase is pretty rough and the boss is going to attack more often now. He will also throw deadly bombs in this phase. The piece of advice in this fight is to stay calm and time your attacks

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