Nioh Deep in the Shadows Walkthrough

Nioh Deep in the Shadows Walkthrough will help you complete the game’s second main mission in the Kyushu Region of Japan.

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Nioh Deep in the Shadows

  • Once this mission starts, travel down the path from the shrine and you’ll come across a chamber with an enemy.
  • Grab the Yokai Water Pot and Arrows from the chest in the corner.
  • Exit the chamber and walk along the ledge. You’ll start to see enemies coming from your left.
  • Go inside the chamber here and eliminate all the enemies, then move towards the left and go up the pathway to defeat some more hostiles.
  • Go down the path from here and walk under the wooden frame to find a small pass. Go along this pass and keep going until you exit the cave and encounter a hostile on a wide ledge.
  • Head down to the tunnel to the right, destroy the boxes and you’ll find a corpse holding a Fire Amulet.
  • Return back to where you exited the cave and take the path to your left. Keep moving along this path and you’ll find a tunnel (to your left) which will have a chest and a corpse.
  • Travel back to the path, go inside the cave and you’ll come across a Shrine.
  • Move towards the next area in this mineshaft and you’ll find some illuminating mushrooms inside a room. From here, go down to the level below and you’ll encounter a Yokai.
  • After defeating the Yokai, go down the railed path until you reach an opening. Instead of going through, jump on the ledge to the right and go down to the lower stone bridge.
  • Head into the small cave and eliminate the Yokai to reach another Shrine.
  • Go all the way down using the ladders and then move forward. Keep yourself to the west around the curve to find a shadow realm One-eyed Oni.
  • Adventure through all the recesses here if you want, and then move into the narrow pathway. Finally, go down the ledge to start the boss fight of this mission, with ‘Hino-Enma’.

Hino-Enma Boss Fight
Hino-Enma’s main strategy is to first paralyze you by throwing a blow of energy, and then dealing some lethal damage while you’re frozen.

If she catches you and you get paralyzed, quickly recover using the Antiparalytic Needles. After free yourself from the paralysis, damage her each time she lands.

The best way to go about dealing damage to Hino is by striking thrice, and then retreating. Your Guardian Attack will help you out immensely in this fight.

If you land the Guardian attack, she will fall down to the ground and she’ll stay on the ground for a bit, allowing you to get some easy damage in. As soon as she gets up, run away quickly because she’ll try to grab a hold of you.


If you evade her grab, you can punish her and deal some more damage. Recharge your Guardian Attack using the Spirit Stones if you can.

This is pretty much all that you need to do in order to complete this boss battle.


  • Hakujin Kusarigama
  • Long Bow
  • Archer Garb: Kote
  • Warlord Armor (H): Suneate
  • Water Omamori Charm
  • Bandit Axe
  • Hank of Yokai Hair x1
  • Bandit Armor (L): Hizayoroi

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