Nioh The Man with the Guardian Spirit Walkthrough

The very first mission of Nioh The Man with the Guardian Spirit, not only serves to make players familiar with the game world and the character of William, the protagonist, but also as a tutorial where players learn the basics of movement and combat which are essential to surviving.

This Man with the Guardian Spirit walkthrough will lead you through the intro mission of the game and give tips to defeat Derrick the Executioner.

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Nioh The Man with the Guardian Spirit

This mission starts off with you in control of William. You’ll be inside a locked cell within the Tower of London. Here, you’ll learn how the quick and strong attacks work.

The green gauge below the blue HP bar indicates your Ki. When you attack or evade/block enemy attack, you use up your Ki but the Ki will restore itself relatively quickly. Managing your Ki is a very important aspect of the game.

After learning about all that, destroy the cell wall. You might get caught by the guard, who you’ll then have to eliminate.

If you destroy the wall after he walks past the cell, you’ll be able to go into his room at the end of the corridor and grab a Bastard Sword and Tower of London Guard Boots from the chest to make the fight easier for yourself.

The guard’s attacks are basically a running lunge and a few sweeps with his sword. Just because you’re unarmed doesn’t mean you can’t block these attacks.

However, don’t block too much or you’ll get stunned. You just need to bait the guard into sweeping and quickly landing some few hits in before retreating.

After you defeat the guard, you’ll get a Bastard Sword and a Dungeon Key from him. Open the other cells using this key and then exit through the door at the very end of the corridor.

Get the medicine from the chest upstairs and then the Tower of London Guard Coat from under the stairs.

There will be two guards on top of the bridge. Keep yourself at the stairs and try to bait one of the guards into coming there to fight you.

The other one will stay at the same spot so you can fight both of them individually. Now’s a good time to practice stunning your opponents by attacking them when they have low Ki. The guard up top will have a crossbow so strafe properly while approaching him.

If you get killed, you’ll respawn back inside the cell and the enemies will all reload, but you will keep all the items.

Go through the gate and you’ll see two enemies; one of which will be wielding a spear. Stay hidden until the enemy with the spear exits the area so you can take the guard out easily.

The spearman will have greater range and more damage than the guard, but his attacks will take a long time to charge up, making this a relatively easy fight.

After killing both of them, get the Medicine and Tower of London Guard Trousers from the chest inside the little room.

You’ll see a broken wall beyond this little room. This will take you to a staircase which will lead you to two upper floors. The first floor has a glowing shrine which is a checkpoint.

To the side of the shrine, there is a locked gate guarded by a patrolling guard. Here, you’ll find a chest containing a type of spear called ‘Runkah’.

Also, you’ll see an opening leading to a room which has a chest containing Medicine and a Battle Axe, guarded by a guard wielding a spear.

After grabbing the weapons, return to the stairwell and go up to the top floor. There will be a little room here with a chest containing Medicine.

Listen to the guards talking on the balcony and then get the Tower of London Guard Hat from the chest on the other side.

Go through the hallway and you’ll see two different paths to continue moving on. Travel down the path to the right and grab the Tower of London Guard Gloves from the chest and then go down the left path and you’ll come across another set of stairs.

Go down the stairs to the first floor and save the game at the Shrine. Go further down and get the Tower of London Guard Coat from the chest behind you.

Go back up and to your right you’ll see two guards protecting a small chest containing Tower of London Guard Boots and large chest holding a new Bastard Sword and Tower of London Guard Gloves.

Go back outside and get the Tower of London Guard Trousers from the chest below the stairs. Travel to the left and get to the courtyard (go under the arch).

Beyond the guard, there will be an opening to the left and straight ahead. There will be two armored knights around the corner; take them on at your own risk. If you do, you’ll get their weapons and access to a chest which as a Battle Axe. The door beyond here will take you to another Shrine.

If you don’t want to take them on, take out the single guard inside the courtyard instead and you’ll arrive at another open area which a guard.

The walkway to the left will take you to a Shrine, but first you should get the 3 Stones from the corpse behind the boxes to the right. Move further to the right and you’ll find another Knight and a crossbowman. They will be guarding a chest containing Medicine and a Breastplate.

There will be one more Knight (and one hidden Knight) if you walk through the archway.

Evade properly and attack at the right times to eliminate them. Get the Greaves, Cuisses, Great Helm and Gauntlets from the two big chests here.

Go back to the Shrine room, restore your HP, and then go to the basement to get the 3 Stone. Now, head up the stairs and you’ll enter a big room with yet another Knight. Plus, there will be a Crossbowman on a ledge to the west.

Get the Runkah from the chest and then go up the stairs of the tower to get to the roof. Grab the Tower of London Guard Hat, Medicine and Bastard Sword form the big chest under the ledge.

Finally, go up the small stairs in the tower and you’ll come face to face with the boss of Nioh The Man with the Guardian Spirit mission: Derrick the Executioner.

Derrick the Executioner

Phase 1
In the first phase of the fight, Derrick’s biggest weakness is that he’s a human, giving him all human weaknesses – particularly, Ki. You can use this to your advantage by luring him into attacking and then punishing him with multiple hits to reduce his Ki gauge.

You can even stun him when his Ki is very low. He does a few different combo moves. He’ll be swinging his axe horizontally or spinning the axe and then crashing it down. Most of his moves leave him very exposed if you dodge them.ted and edited)

When you see him lower his upper body, it means he’s about to dash towards you and then slice you up. This charge is very easy to counter as you can just go up behind him as he’s dashing and deliver damage.

Phase 2
After you reduce his HP, the man with the tattoos who you met earlier will return. He’ll turn Derrick into a demon, making him stronger, faster and tougher. However, his moveset will remain the same.

As mentioned, he’ll just be stronger and faster so you’ll have to up your game now. He’ll also have a bigger Ki gauge and some new Ki mechanics, but this will work to your favor as his Ki won’t restore itself.

You don’t actually need to kill him to win this fight, you just need to deal a certain amount of damage until your Guardian Spirit tells you to release the Living Weapon.

After the fight ends, you’ll lose your Guardian Spirit. Hop on the ship and you’ll want to travel towards the East.

Before you do so, you’ll have the choice to pick a weapon and a Guardian spirit. Each choice will boost your stats in a different way so take your time to choose

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