Nioh Falling Snow Mission Walkthrough

This Nioh Falling Snow mission walkthrough will guide you through the Falling Snow mission through the Kinki region and will guide you on how to defeat the Yuki-onna boss battle.

Kinki region in Nioh is one of the most confusing regions as you are required to destroy crystal cluster to progress, however, you just can’t destroy them as you are required to kill frost butterflies for it.

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Nioh Falling Snow

After discovering the Hidden Teahouse you will be transported to the snowy Honnoji Temple. When you spawn on your left will be a shrine.

From the shrine proceed to the right you will find an enemy patrolling in front of the crystal cluster. Interact with the crystal and you will trigger some info about tracing its origin.

Continue ahead to take out a flaming archer standing near a lantern and another sword enemy who will attack you from within the structure.

Go inside the structure and clear it out then go up the snow ramp to get to the roof. Make your way to the ladder and go down where you will find an enemy. Going ahead you will find a closed double door to a house.

Two blue Floating heads will attack you, defeat them and ahead you will find one of the long tongue Yokai. Defeat this Yokai and take the right path and you will find a shrine.

Make your way opposite of the shrine and continue ahead to the area with a well.

Ahead you will see a double door that you can’t open right now. Go to the left from the well where you will find an archer enemy.

However, don’t just go ahead and attack as an oni yokai is lurking to the right behind the snowbank. Take out the archer through a ranged weapon and then go ahead to take on the Yokai.

This Yokai has ice crystals coming from it and wields a large axe. While this enemy takes a lot of damage but don’t just keep hitting him as it can also deal a lot of damage.

Proceed ahead to see a group of butterflies floating. Kill the butterflies and a bit of a cutscene will trigger and now you can destroy the crystal clusters you have been seeing.

Return to the last crystal cluster you encountered and destroy it and walk through it to come to the back of a yokai and kill it.

Keep moving ahead and stay to the left to unlock the double door shortcut to the earlier part of this mission.

Down the path you will face an Oni Yokai, kill it and continue down and head left to the lit path and kill a floating female figure and be careful as she will float straight up and do an aerial drop attack.

Defeat her and go down the path then take a right and an enemy will be standing by the ladder.

Defeat it and climb the ladder to the roof and drop down to the other side from there and an ice crystal yokai will attack you from inside the house. To the left you will find more butterflies, defeat them and enter the house.

Clear the house and come back the way you came from where you unlocked the double door. There will be structure nearby enter it and you will find an eyeball yokai in there.

Snipe the eyeball and kill it before it transforms then reveal the Yokai from the mist, it will be a lightning infused cyclops who packs a hefty punch.

Defeat it and stay clear of its forward attacks and strike it from the side or the rear. After defeating it move along the main path and make your way back to the starting area shrine and destroy that first crystal cluster and proceed into the house and step out.

Go to the right through the ice tunnel and take out the enemy that will attack you from the left.

Continue down this path until you reach a ladder, go to there roof and from there you can drop down to several of the different portions of this mission.

Drop down to where the ice crystal yokai fiend is. take it out and there is also an archer so kill it too. Also, there is frost butterfly to kill nearby, and a double door barred which will unlock a shortcut if you open it.

Head down the alley and enter the house destroy the crystal cluster and step through. Go left towards the lantern and destroy the wall to find a floating female spectre inside the house.

Defeat her and proceed to the next walkway and defeat the spear enemy. Step out the broken walkway to the right and open the guilded double doors.

Go through the door and take a left to find a Hot Spring.

Exit the Hot Spring and to to the left where you will find a floating spectre and a fiend yokai. Defeat them and head right where you will come up a double door you can unlock for a shortcut.

Go straight till you hit a dead end with frost butterflies, kill them and go back the way you came and go left where you opened the double doors unlocked from the walkway.

To the right, there is a crystal cluster. Destroy the cluster up the steps and open the double doors to fight the Yuki-Onna.

Yuki-Onna Boss

If prefer a pure melee build then be prepared for a tough fight. Yuki-onna deals an incredible amount of damage but doesn’t have a lot of health.

Dodge her as soon as she prepares for attack, dodge to any side of her to avoid taking massive damage.

She can also summon frost all around her but it happens occasionally which also deals massive damage. To avoid it, dodge away and quickly head back in to land a couple of hits.

At about 45% HP, she’ll get even more aggressive and will start to deal more damage. At this point, try to play safe and use your Guardian Spirit to deplete some more of her HP. If you’re careful, you should be able to come out victorious.

One other way to take her out, if you have a ranged build, is to maintain a distance from her and use the ranged attacks to deplete her HP and finish her off with your Guardian Spirit.

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