Nioh A Defiled Holy Mountain Walkthrough

Nioh A Defiled Holy Mountain mission is a tricky one but also quite simple if you know where you have to go. So, in this Nioh walkthrough, we will guide you through the entire mission and will help you defeat Ishida Mitsunari at the end of the mission.

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Nioh A Defiled Holy Mountain

As the mission starts head straight to find a shrine in the area. Enter the cave and defeat the enemy to your left. From here go left and take out the group of foes here.

Continue down the tunnel and stay to your left to make your way outside. You will find more enemies here, take them out and go left around the boulder to come to an area with a shadow realm.

It will reveal a Yokai, so defeat it and go left to defeat the Dweller. From here go right and stay on your right to find an enemy that will ambush you.

Defeat it and head up the ramp where you will encounter a Ninja, defeat it and continue on and enter a cave, on the right drop the ladder to unlock a shortcut for later.


Keep following the path ahead and it will lead you to the right and you will find a shrine. From the shrine, head left and up the path and you will find an enemy to your left.

Defeat it and keep going until you reach a torch, from the torch take a right into the tunnel and drop or take the ladder down, and ahead you will find an Owl enemy ahead.

Take the path up which will take you to a clearing where some enemies will be waiting for you. Defeat them and head back inside the mountain. To the right, you will find another ladder you can kick to drop and open up a shortcut that will come in handy for later.

Keep going along this path and stay right at the junction and go up the dark path to find a Yoki. Kill it and cross over the narrow stone bridge and head left around the bend and stay along the ledge but beware of the bats flying out of the cave on the left.

Keep going down this path and at the end take the left, defeat the enemy and take the path around to another stone bridge.

Drop down from here and head outside where you will face a Raven Tengu. Go up the mountain ledge to the left and at the top take a sharp right of the triangular boulder and then take the path up to the bamboo forest.

Defeat the enemy ahead and take the path through the forest and take a left and around to the right. Take the leap ahead and leap to a lower ledge towards a house.

Open the door and enter the house then open the next door and head outside where you will find a Hot Spring.

Exit the house and head right and take the path to a log bridge that connects to a small hut. Kill the enemy outside and exit the hut and continue down the path.

Enter the cave ahead to reveal a shadow realm Onyudo. Defeat it and make your way outside and go left around the boulder. Kill the enemy ahead and proceed to the left into an open doorway into the mountain where you will find a shrine.

Exit through the doorway and go left up the long steps. At the top head right into the house and defeat the warrior here.Open the double doors and step through and then open the next set of double doors and face Ishida Mitsunari.

Ishida Mitsunari Boss Tips

Ishida Mitsunari is tough boss in Nioh so you will need some strategy to take it out. Ishida Mitsunari uses elemental projectiles and sword attacks.

As the wind elemental projectiles can’t be blocked you will have to dodge them. Once it attacks with the sword, dodge behind him and land a couple of strikes then back off and keep repeating it.

Medium stance with a spear is recommended for Ishida Mitsunari. Use the strong attacks against him as they will land easily on him and will quickly deplete his KI.

When he is depleted of his key just keep hitting him for as long as you have KI, because in this period he won’t be able to fight you.

Sometimes he will drop on the floor where you can deal some extra damage through the finisher.

If you have your living weapon powered up, save it for when Ishida Mitsunari has 25% of health remaining to finish him off. Repeat the steps and you will defeat him and will proceed ahead with the story.

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