Nioh The Blessed Village Twilight Mission Walkthrough

The Blessed Village is one of the Twilight Missions that appears once a day in random order. Our Nioh The Blessed Village Twilight Mission walkthrough will help you with the mission and the Onryoki boss that awaits at the end.

Twilight Missions are Nioh’s version of MMO daily quests. Players can attempt a set number of Twilight Missions every day. While these missions are extremely hard, the difficulty is worth it since they reward players with a lot of great loot.

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Nioh The Blessed Village Twilight Mission

Despite being the lowest level Twilight Mission, the area can still be quite challenging but this The Blessed Village walkthrough should help players progress.

For an easy run of the mission, players should only attempt this once they are at least level 15 and have completed the Isle of Demons mission.

Twilight Mission: The Blessed Village
The Blessed Village takes place in an alternate version of the same area, which the players went through during Isle of Demons.

For that very reason, players shouldn’t have a hard time navigating through the mission since most of the useful stuff such as Shrines are still in the same place.

Players need to go past the Shrine to the left towards the houses. A glowing Yokai, Kappa, can be spotted near the water.

The Kappa can either run away from players or use its glowing shell to attack. There are also skeleton warriors in the water so if players choose to engage the Kappa before entering the main area of the Blessed Village, they should be careful.

If players can manage to ambush and successfully kill the Kappa, they will be rewarded with many useful items.

Once players reach the village, they can fight a Fiend near the first house. The fiend is guarding a dead body, which can be looted for a Rogue Armor Suneate.

Another fiend behind nearby rocks to the right guards another body, which has the Ronin Armor Kote.

Moving forward through the streets, players need to keep an eye out for archers on an elevated spot to the right. Another nearby corpse will give players a Stone and a Spirit Stone.

Players need to be very careful here as they move up the village since a Wheelmonk will start rolling down towards them.

The Wheelmonk uses either fire breath attacks or charges towards the players by rolling so it is best to dodge the attacks and then attack on the side where the Wheelmonk’s heads aren’t facing.

At the top of the path will be a Yokai Realm with a Fiend hiding to the left side. To the right will be several Oni-bi and a skeleton warrior.

It is best to lure the skeleton away using arrows so that players don’t have to fight him alongside the ranged Oni-bi. Once the area has been cleared, players can loot a corpse behind a tree to the right for a Small Spirit Stone.

Near this corpse, another enemy would be sitting atop a roof playing a musical instrument.

This person, named Biwa Boku-boku, uses his instrument to automatically summon Revenants from gravesites as well as Oni-bi if players get close to him.

The best way to take him out is to climb up the slopes of the Manor in The Blessed Village, drop off the hill onto the roof where he is and then kill him quickly.

After taking care of Biwa, players can either head straight for the Manor gate and to their death or take the safe route through the forest so they have to deal with less enemies at a time.

On the forest path, players will encounter a patrolling Fiend. He should be lured back to a safer area as near the fiend there is also another skeleton archer on hill to the right who can make the fight quite difficult.

A clearing near this fiend has a corpse in it with a Stone and Ronin Armor Do. Moving up the ridge which overlooks the village, players need to be wary of an ambush from a Fiend on the rocky path.

Player can take a left from here and go down the path until they reach a ladder. Dropping this ladder will create a shortcut to the Shrine they visited at the start.

However, once players drop down the ladder they need to be careful of a Wheelmonk who will charge them instantly from the right side.

After getting back up on the forest path through the ladder, players will need to fight three Dwellers hiding in the grass to the right.

A corpse near these enemies holds a Lightning Omamori Charm and Spirit Iron Fragment. Another nearby Shack has a body with Scout Armor Hizayoroi. Players can move up the path after looting both these bodies to reach the next Shrine.

From there, players can continue up the path until they reach the hill that overlooks the manor. Once there, they can drop down into the Manor grounds, thus avoiding the enemies at the front gate.

Similar to the Isle of Demons mission, players can take out the enemies in the grounds one by one before heading inside the manor to fight the Fiend inside the Yokai Realm.

Killing the Fiend will drop a Key to Residence. The small hut off to the side of the manor can be looted for Warlord Armor Kote, Kayaku-dama, Travel Amulet, Spirit Iron Fragment and a Small Spirit Stone.

Once players leave the manor from the other gate, an Outlaw will attack them so players need to be wary of the ambush.

Heading down the alleyways, players need to be careful of the Dwellers in the area as well as a patrolling Wheelmonk on the main road.

The road itself leads to a Yokai Realm. Another Dweller waits in hiding next to the burning roadblock to throw bombs at the player.

After climbing to the rooftops, players need to dodge the lose tiles and continue further towards music where they will encounter yet another Biwa Boku-boku inside a house. Players can use a drop attack from above to kill him quickly.

From this house, players can go outside to the streets where there is not only a Wheelmonk but also a couple of Yokai Realms and a giant Skeleton Warrior in a house.

The skeleton warrior is guarding a mimic chest so players should be ready for a tough fight when proceeding in there.

From the streets, players need to make their way towards the watch tower. A broken house nearby leads to a canyon where players can destroy the barrels for some Sacred Water.

Once at the watch tower, players need to jump down and attack the Kappa there.

The Kappa will try to run but players can easily chase him, occasionally using drop attacks when the Kappa moves to a lower platform.

Proceeding through these rooftops, players can open up a shortcut by kicking a ladder down.

The next area after the watch tower will have a Yokai Realm at the very beginning so players need to either lure the fiend away for a safe fight or kill the nearby skeleton warrior with ranged attacks as he can be a problem while fighting the Fiend.

Back on to the main street, players can go through an open house to find a Dweller eating a corpse which can be looted for a Fire Amulet.

Once players come out from the other side of the house, they will have to fight an Outlaw. Proceeding further through the street, players will encounter more enemy patrols and Dwellers throwing bombs from the rooftops.

Players need to snipe these Dwellers and then fight the Skeleton Warrior patrols before they can safely proceed towards the beach.

Once on the beach, a dead body to the left holds a Small Spirit Stone while a Skeleton Warrior patrols the area.

Over on the distance by the docks, an archer and a Fiend are waiting for the player. A shortcut can also be opened from the beach to the Shrine.

Players need to go around the docks towards the houses, making sure the Dweller and a giant skeleton warrior are not a problem.

Players need to head up this path and open the door which leads to the shrine.

Back at the docks, players can take out the archer with their bow leaving only the Fiend to fight.

Once the Fiend has been defeated, they can enter the ship to begin the Onryoki boss fight which would be way more challenging than the boss fight from the Isle of Demons mission.

Onryoki Boss Battle Tips
The boss fight is pretty much the same as the one from the Isle of Demons mission except for the fact that Onryoki has a lot more health and Ki this time making him very difficult to take down.

Similar fighting tactics apply so players should prefer dodging his attacks instead of blocking as his high damage will drain almost all of their Ki.

He uses the same ball and chain attacks so players need to make sure he is done swinging before they begin their own attack.

Players can double tap the dodge button to roll out of the way of his swing attacks which results in them gaining more distance away from him but it is fine in this case as closing the gap between them and Onryoki is easier than recovering once hit from his attacks.

Once his Ki has been drained, players can break his chains resulting in him being limited to claw sweep and body slam attacks.

He will also summon Yokai Realms which players need to take out with their Ki Pulse.

Once Onryoki is dead, he will drop a lot of useful and rare items and players will have completed the Twilight Mission: The Blessed Village which will reward them with 2x Demon’s Horn, Magatama, 4x Iron Spirit Chunk, 14,400 Gold and 2,640 Amrita.

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