Nioh Twilight Mission An Ominous Cavern Guide

This Nioh An Ominous Cavern walkthrough will help players complete level 20 Twilight Mission for great rewards. The Twilight Mission: An Ominous Cavern is the daily quest version of the third main mission, Deep in the Shadows and will have players navigating through a cavern system in order to reach a new area.

Nioh An Ominous Cavern

Similar to Deep in the Shadows, there is no boss in this Twilight Mission although with the amped up difficulty, players should only attempt this when they are at least level 20.

The walkthrough will try to make the mission as easy as possible by mentioning alternate routes which can be used to avoid dangers.

The mission will feature all the same locations from the Deep in the Shadows mission although with a red tinge to them.

As players enter the cavern system, the first room they come upon will have a Dweller and a Skeleton Warrior hiding behind the debris but taking care of them shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

A side passage to the right leads to a loot chest with a Yokai Water Pot and some Arrows.

Moving forward towards the cliffs, players need to keep an eye out for a skeleton warrior in an alcove on the left, as he will try to push players off the edge.

Similarly, bats they encounter further ahead will attempt the same so players should just block their assault and enter the tunnel from where the bats came out.

The tunnel will lead the players into a room with a Fiend in the middle, skeleton warrior to the right, skeleton archer patrolling the upper walkway and a Biwa Boku-boku just sitting up there.

There are numerous Revenant graves in the area so players need to snipe Biwa Boku-boku from afar before he can activate the graves and summon the Revenants.

A small tunnel on the right of this room leads to another area with two loot chests and a Dweller.

The loot chests contain Horoku-dama, Hyottoko Mask and Small Spirit Stone.

After clearing this area, players need to go down the path and enter the first room on the right, where an ambush from a Skeleton Warrior and a Giant Skeleton awaits them.

A far wall inside the backstore room happens to be a Nurikabe Wall while nearby graves contain clues to what type of gesture can be used to safely open the wall.

The wall opens up to reveal a Skeleton Archer and a large chest which contains Arrows and Squire’s Jumonji Spear.

After dropping down to the lower level of the caverns, players need to fight a Fiend to acquire the Boss’ Room Key from him. A nearby loot chest contains 2 Spirit Iron Fragment and a small Spirit Stone. Another corpse holds Sacred Water.

Once players have the key, they need to go back up to where they were first ambushed by the skeleton warrior and giant skeleton and then go up the path instead of down to enter the Boss’ room where another fight awaits them and a large loot chest.

After clearing the boss room, players can continue down the path again to reach the cliffs being patrolled by a Fiend and Giant Skeleton.

A nearby level can create a platform above the players, which they can drop down to once they reach the upper cliffs.

The platform will allow them to loot a Whetstone and an Officer’s Spear. Proceeding onwards, players will start moving towards the Hot Springs but the way is filled with multiple ambushing enemies and a Biwa Boku-boku who will activate Revenant graves if players get close.

To avoid this, players need to carefully move along the cliffs above the hot spring and into the first tunnel which has a number of graves inside it.

The Biwa Boku-boku hides inside this tunnel to the left and players need to take him out quick.

Once he is dead, they can move along the cliff, making sure to not get pushed off by bats, and reach the next Shrine.

Moving further from the Shrine, players will have to fight a Giant Skeleton in the next hall. A ledge on the right has a body which can be looted for 3 Antidote but it is being guarded by a Dweller who hides behind some boxes.

The next hall has an ambush for players and a large chest which contains Fire Amulet and Hyottoko Mask.

Continuing down the path, players will enter a large chamber where another Fiend awaits them, followed by a Skeleton hiding in a corner.

Once players have defeated them both, they can proceed to the Nurikabe wall on the far side of the room which can be opened to loot Squire’s Jumonji Spear, Elixir and Earth Amulet.

Players can exit this chamber and continue on the main path which will put them in the crosshairs of a Wheelmonk who will charge to knock the players off the ledge.

If players drop down to the left, they can fight another Wheelmonk inside a Yokai Realm and defeating him will open access to yet another Shrine where players can rest.

Once players are back on the main ledge after getting access to the Shrine, players will come up on a Fiend near a dead body.

Once the fiend has been defeated, the body can be looted for Sacred Brush and Platemail Armor Do.

Moving further until players reach the ground floor, they will encounter multiple patrolling Fiends and Skeletons hiding to ambush them so players need to be extra careful as they navigate this section.

A large Yokai Realm on the ground floor will be in the player’s path as they try to enter a tunnel on the left.

The first area after the tunnel is guarded by two Skeleton Warriors and has a dead body which holds Hakujin Kusarigama.

Moving deeper through this cave, players will hear another Biwa Boku-boku who will summon a Revenant from a grave-site to the right.

The Biwa himself will be hiding behind a large rock to the left of the grave.

A tunnel near where Biwa was hiding will lead players to a Kappa who can be killed for useful items. A body near the Kappa holds Arrows and Antiparalytic Needle.

Once players have acquired the loot, they can go forward for the real challenge of this Twilight Mission.

A fiend is ready for them on a path to the right, a One-Eyed Oni on the left and two enemies; a Fiend and a One-Eyed Oni, in the center while a bomb throwing Dweller is above them on a ledge.

Players will need to lure single targets away from others if they want to win this fight with ease.

Players can also run past them to the other end of the cave which means only some of these enemies will give chase, thus reducing the number of people which the players have to fight.

Once the targets are dead, the area can be looted for Guard Armor Hizayoroi and Vassal’s Armor Kote as well as a chest in a nearby passage that holds Mujina Mimic.

Proceeding through the tunnel, players will encounter another Kappa who will try to lead them to a tunnel full of bats so it is best if players cut off his escape before he can lead them to an ambush.

After players exit the tunnel, they will have completed the area for their reward of Hank of Yokai Hair, Bangasa Rib, Fan, 17,400 Gold and 3,240 Amrita.

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