Nioh Combat Stances Guide

In this Nioh Stances Guide we will give you an overview of all combat stances in Nioh and tips on how to use them better to your advantage.

Nioh Combat Stances are basically different battle poses that you can use during battles. It goes without saying that each of these combat stances has unique strengths and weaknesses.

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Nioh Combat Stances

Since Nioh’s combat system is much deeper than simple hack and slash, you need to get familiarize yourself with different combat stances, weapons, abilities, and skills that make up the game’s combat system.

There are three different Nioh stances to choose from. There’s a radical icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen which displays which stance your character is in.

After you change your character’s stance, it’ll change the weapon orientation, attacks, and the attack animations. We’ve covered more on these stances a little later.


We’ve detailed everything you need to know about combat stances in the game.

High Stance
High Stance in Nioh is all about dishing out a ridiculous amount of damage at the cost of increased Ki usage. If you’re looking to go all in, this is the ideal stance to go. With High Stance, you can expect to get more ATK and Break Power as compared to any other stance out there. However, dodging and blocking in High Stance is very limited.

Mid Stance
As the name suggests, this Nioh stance provides the perfect balance between ATK and DEF. The defensive properties are pretty good, but the ATK power is somewhere between High Stance and Low Stance.

However, I don’t recommend trying strafe behind an enemy in this stance because of less movement speed. When playing in this stance, you need to go in straight.

Low Stance
Low Stance in Nioh basically deals with landing more strike at low Ki cost with less damage output. This stance provides better movement speed and evasive maneuvers which is why you can use it to deal with larger groups or in order to escape a bad situation.

When playing in Nioh Low Stance, you should easily be able to get behind an enemy and dodge pretty effectively. Moreover, you’ll come across some enemies whom you won’t be able to hit in High/Mid Stance and will be required to switch to Low Stance.

Changing Combat Stances in Nioh

Changing Nioh combat stances is as simple as they can get and you need to get used to it if you wish to gain an advantage over your opponents.

In order to change the stance, all you need to do is to hold the R1 button and press the Triangle for High Stance, Square for Mid Stance, and Cross for Low Stance.

When you are used to switching stances routinely, it will make battles less bothersome for you. As you’ll adjust to foe types and gain proficiency with the most ideal approaches to kill them

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