Nioh Multiplayer Guide

Nioh Multiplayer Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about the game’s elaborative multiplayer mode along with Nioh multiplayer tips.

To play with friends or random players in Nioh, there is no invite system players can send through the PlayStation menu and they actually have to do a couple of things before they can play co-op.

Players also need an active PlayStation Plus subscription to use the co-op feature.

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Nioh Multiplayer

To unlock the ability to play co-op players must have first completed the Isle of Demons missions after which they can join random players or their friends in co-op by using a Torii Gate system.

To use this feature, players need to open the Starting Point menu from where they can either choose to enter a Yokai Realm or do Random encounters with other players.

Yokai Realms
This uses the sort of a matchmaking system to pair players with each other in a co-op setting.

In a Yokai realm, players have to work together to beat a level which also happens to be amped up in difficulty.

Both players share the same pool of life although if one falls, he can be revived as long as the assist gauge is not empty.

The health can also be recharged at Shrines so players can continue to return to it if they need health.

Yokai Realms can also be done with friends although this requires at least one of the players to have completed the mission first before they can do it in co-op. To summon a friend, players need to open the main map and select Torii Gate from there and then choose Yokai Realm with a companion.

The summoner also needs to have an Ochoko Cup to use in order to summon. There is a password system to summoning and the password can be set from the system menu. Both players need to use the same password in order to match up.

If you are there to help someone, dropped items from enemies or smashed pottery will be spawned separately to each player’s game so you can loot freely.

Besides, those items that are not random are not available to spawned visitors. For example, the corpses that are dotted around a level are only for primary or host player.

Random Encounters
These work a bit similar to the co-op system from Dark Souls. Players can enter the world of another player and help them defeat a boss and gain experience. If the host player dies, the summoned player gets sent back to their own game session.

To summon someone for this, players can go to a Shrine, use the Summon visitor option and then choose how many Ochoko cups they want to offer as a reward for helping to clear the mission. The game will start searching for a player and bring them to the current session.

For those who want to be summoned, they can simply use their map and choose Torii Gate from the menu and then select Random Encounters.

The Secret World
In the options menu, scroll down to online settings and the first option there is Secret World. You can set a password in this menu of six characters which makes sure that you only get paired with only those players who have the same password.

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