Nioh Leveling Guide

In our Nioh Leveling Guide we will help you farm quick and easy Amrita which is required to level up your character in the game.

It goes without saying that Nioh is hard and death is always lurking around the corner. Keeping this in mind, you should never run around with large deposits of Amrita at your disposal and make a habit of using it to level up as much as possible.

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Nioh Leveling

We’ve detailed some of the best possible methods to earn huge amounts of Amrita during the early game.

Leveling up in Nioh
Before we start to see what type of builds we can have and how to progress through the game, we need to see different stats in the game and what effect they have.

  • Body – Affects your HP, improves resistance to status effects (affects Spears)
  • Heart – Affects your Ki (or stamina) gauge (affects swords and bows)
  • Stamina – Affects your encumbrance percentage and HP (affects cannons)
  • Strength – Helps activate special attributes of heavy equipment and encumbrance percentage (affects Axes)
  • Skill – Helps activate special attribute of technical (light) equipment and the effectiveness of Ki Pulse (affects Dual Katanas, Guns)
  • Dexterity – Improves the effect and capacity of Ninjutsu (affects Kusarigama)
  • Magic – Improves the effect and capacity of Onymo magic
  • Spirit – Affects the power of your Guardian Spirit and the bonuses

Next, whatever you started the game as, you got to choose the weapons you liked the most, which determined your starting basic stats. At the start game, it’s better to stick to the weapons you chose.

This, along with your spirit (we recommend Kato as it gives a strength boost). with this, you can choose to play the game in three styles, as a Samurai, Ninja or an Omyo Mage. All builds are different and need different base stats.

Samurai Build
This build involves patiently waiting and striking at key moments like in Demon/Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

After the enemies finish their attack string quickly strike them a couple times and back off to regenerate Ki and prevent being wrecked by their attack after they recover.

Some enemies recover quickly. When choosing your weapon pick Sword (Primary) and Axe (Secondary). For Guardian Spirit, chose Kato but you can select Isonade.

In This build the focus is mainly on Heart and Strength for core stats. You will start with the following stats:

Starting Values Endgame values
Body 5 20
Heart 6 49
Stamina 6 15
Strength 6 49
Skill 5 15
Dexterity 5 15
Magic 5 15
Spirit 5 25

Ninja Build
Ninja build focus on fast attacks, high maneuverability and fast dodges. The main weapon of choice you will be using will be Kusarigama and Bows or Cannons.

Then you will be fast as a ninja, with moving in to deal damage then stepping away fast.

You will use most of the Tools and Ranged weapons you get in your arsenal. Using Kusarigama with Ki damage is favorable as it makes enemies unable to react to your attacks.

Ranged attacks will get you the room you need to plan your next attacks to be able to take on multiple enemies before even starting the fight. The spirit guide to start with is Daiba Washi

Starting Values Endgame values
Body 6 13
Heart 6 6
Stamina 5 19
Strength 5 13
Skill 5 6
Dexterity 6 99
Magic 5 10
Spirit 5 15

Onmyo Mage
Omnyo Mages depend heavily on magic as their major offense. However, due to the nature of the build, it can be made as a melee hybrid with both Samurai and ninja types.

Infact, this method is highly advised as only depending on magic will cause you to run out of options and fall in battles.

The only idea you need to grasp is to go with either build in the start, but focus equally on your Magic stat upto 40. this can be increased by unlocking the Way of the Nioh.

Once you have the required stats, you can find weapons that scale on Omnyo magic. From then on, you can solely invest in Magic Stat.

How to Level Up Fast

Before we begin, it’s important to learn one thing. As you continue to level up, the Amrita cost required to level up further continues to increase.

For example, if it takes 100 Amrita to level up from Level 1 to Level 2, it might take 10,000 Amrita to level up from Level 60 to Level 70.

If you die with some amount of Amrita in your bank, you’ll lose all of it at the place of your death and will respawn at the last shrine you prayed at.

You can obviously travel all the way to the place where you died and reclaim all the lost Amrita once again, but it’s not as simple.

The reason is: once you die, all the enemies in the world – excluding bosses and NPCs – respawn as well. Therefore, it’s important to remember that if you die while trying to retrieve your lost Amrita, you’ll lose them forever.

All things considered; it’s a good idea to spend your Nioh Amrita frequently unless you’re super confident in your abilities.

Method #1
For this method, you need to defeat the boss in the Isle of Demon. Once you’re done, head over to the shrine near the hot spring and rest there. After leveling and healing up, head inside the room on the right-hand side.

In there, you should be able to find x3 yokai monsters. Simply kill all of them and earn around 1,200 Amrita in under a minute. Since the shrine is incredibly close to your location, rest at the shrine, and repeat the process.

As long as you’re doing everything right, you should easily be able to earn somewhere around 12,000 in under an hour which is huge in the early game.

Method #2
For this method, you need to start Finders Keepers submission which is received from Kuroda Nagamasa and tasks you to find a sword called Heshi-Kiri-Hasebe from a cave under the Mountain of Nakatsu.

It’s a pretty straightforward submission which requires you to kill some regular yokai monsters. However, for the sake of leveling up fast, we’re not interested in regular monsters. Instead, we’re interested in monsters with glowing backs.

Usually, these monsters will make a run for it after seeing you, but if you manage to chase them down, you’ll get a hefty amount of Amrita as well as Gold. Moreover, these enemies drop valuable loot which can also be offered up at the shrine for even more Amrita.

The entire process should take you about 5-6 minutes and should yield around 50,000 Amrita for 5 tries. This is, once again, a pretty decent method for power leveling if you’re struggling with the early game.

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