Nioh Amrita Farming Guide

Our Nioh Amrita Farming Guide is here to help you farm Amrita which is the game’s currency and is required to level up your character and buy items.

Amrita in Nioh is the game’s currency which is collected by killing monsters and completing objectives. Similar to Souls in the Dark Souls games, Amrita is required to level up your character at the Shrine or to purchase new items.

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Nioh Amrita Farming

As mentioned earlier, Amrita in Nioh is collected by killing monsters, opening chests, offering weapon/armor at the Shrine, destroying objects, and completing objectives.

If you die, you’ll respawn at the last shrine you prayed at and will have 0 Amrita at your disposal. However, you can travel to the place where you died and find your Guardian Spirit protecting your Amrita.

However, it’s important to note that if you die while on your way to recollect your lost Amrita, you’ll lose them forever. Keeping this in mind, it’s a good idea to spend your Amrita frequently unless you’re incredibly confident in your abilities.

Finders Keepers
This sub-mission is received from Kuroda Nagamasa and tasks you to find Heshi-Kiri-Hasebe (a sword) from a cave under the Mountain of Nakatsu.

It’s a fairly easy sub-mission as it only involves killing the turtle-like yokai – Kappa, with a glowing shell and a sword in his hand. We’re not interested in normal yokai as Kappas’ net way more Amarita.

Typically, these enemies will run away immediately after seeing you. However, if you manage to chase them down and kill them, you’ll receive a pretty hefty amount of Amrita and in-game Gold.

In addition to Amrita and Gold, these enemies also drop some good loot which can be offered at the Shrine for some additional Amrita.

The sub-mission takes no less than 5-10 minutes and repeating it about 5 times should easily yield about 60,000 Amrita in addition to Gold. If you’re struggling with the early game, you should easily be able to earn a few levels with this method.

You can rinse and repeat this sub-mission in order to earn easy Amrita early on in the game.

Isle of Demon
For this method, you need to beat the boss in Isle of Demon. Once done, head over to the shrine near the hot spring and rest there. After you’ve healed up, head inside the room on the right-hand side.

In there, you should be able to find 3 yokai enemies. What you need to do is to kill them and earn around 1,100 Amrita in under a minute. Since the shrine is pretty close, head back there, pray, and repeat the process.

As long as you’re doing everything right, you should be able to earn about 120,000 Amrita in under an hour which is huge, especially this early in the game.

Master of the Twin Blades
After you have completed the final Main Mission, equip the Guardian Spirit Saoirse and head for this sub-mission.

In a venture of around 6-10 minutes, you will confront strong and powerful foes and bosses including Nue.

You will have to take your skillset to the next level if you wish to succeed and overcome the barrier between you and an ample amount of Amrita; using Twin Blades, as the name of this sub-mission applies, may help you in this challenging run-through.

Success in the Master of the Twin Blades will earn you 2x “Saisetsu-shin’s sake items” which can multiply your Amrita earnings after each kill. However, the process of multiplication stops once you are dead.

If you are able to use the Saisetsu-shin’s sake items without getting killed in the mission, you will earn over a whopping 600,000 Amrita

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