Nioh 3 “May” Feature A Dark Souls-Like Open World

Team Ninja has already begun brainstorming ideas for a potential Nioh 3 game. Fans however should not hold their breath.

Speaking with Famitsu for the latest edition, director and producer Fumihiko Yasuda stated that the Nioh games were originally supposed to feature an open world setting like the ones from the Dark Souls trilogy. While that was never implemented, Yasuda and Team Ninja would love to give Nioh 3 an expansive open world to explore in the future.

The wish however should not be taken as a confirmation of a third entry in the franchise. Yasuda clarified that there are no current plans for another sequel. Team Ninja has decided to put a stop to the franchise with Nioh 2, at least for now. If Nioh 3 does become a reality down the road, the developer will definitely consider an open world set during the Chinese Three Kingdoms era.

The Dark Souls reference stems from Nioh being inspired by the Dark Souls trilogy. Yasuda reminded that fact and which has never been a closely guarded secret. The Nioh games alone speak volumes but at the same time stand on their own without being Dark Souls clones.

Team Ninja has been heavily rumored to be returning to the Ninja Gaiden franchise after being done with Nioh. Yasuda however stated that while he wants to work on a new Ninja Gaiden game, he has not been given any green signal.

He also said the same thing in another interview from a couple of weeks ago but did tease fans to “look forward to some potential news for some kind of announcement in the near future.”

Microsoft was rumored last year to have obtained exclusive rights to a new Ninja Gaiden game for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The same rumor however asked fans to not expect an announcement from either Microsoft or Team Ninja anytime soon.

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