Nioh 2 Tokichiro Boss Guide

Tokichiro makes his appearance in The Two Faces of Hospitality mission, wielding his dual swords. He is a very skilled fighter and has incredible attack speed. This Nioh 2 Tokichiro Boss guide will give you all the tips you need to know to overcome Tokichiro’s skills and defeat him.

Nioh 2 Tokichiro Boss

Unlike a lot of other bosses in the game, Tokichiro does not boast a scary figure or large weapons or anything all that special; he is just a samurai with a couple of swords.

This means two things: he does not a large health pool, but is incredibly agile.

He chains his attacks very quickly and recovers from your attacks with impressive speed. Though, his attacks are quite easy to dodge because of his small range.

His two swords are not some ordinary swords. One of them is a fire sword, and the other one is an electric one. For the first half of the fight, he will use his fire sword, and in the second half he will pull out the other one as well.

One thing to keep in mind throughout this fight is that striking Tokichiro while his sword is shining will make him grapple you. This will do a crazy amount of damage and may even kill you.

Toki’s special attacks are very easy to dodge. You shouldn’t have a problem with most of them.

One of his most notable special attacks is when he calls upon his Guardian Spirit, but that is easy to evade as well.

After you bring Toki below 50% health, he will pull out his electric sword as well and he’ll start performing electric attacks with it.

This will include a swirl of electricity and he will even throw some bolts of electricity on the ground which will hurt you if you step on them.

Toki’s biggest weakness is his health pool. You will be surprised how quickly it goes down. Just keep up with his agility in this fight and it shouldn’t be that big of a challenge.