Nioh 2 The Village of Cursed Blossoms Walkthrough

The Village of Cursed Blossoms is the very first mission of the game and gets you started with the Yokai filled. Our Nioh 2 The Village of Cursed Blossoms Walkthrough covers every section of the main story mission.

If you don’t feel like you need help with the mission itself but just with The Village of Cursed Blossoms Kodama locations, we have those as well.

Nioh 2 The Village of Cursed Blossoms

So after watching the starting cutscene, you get a white screen where a woman, presumably your mother, claims that her child will be of limitless potential.

Next, you are brought to “Create a Character” menu, where you can completely customize and personalize your own hero, even down to his Yokai form and Spirit from.

Yokai form is how you’ll look when you turn into a yokai which is utilized later in the game. Spirit form is how you look when your Spirit Guide is activated as in the first Nioh. Then you are brought in an empty area where you chose your starting weapons, that determine your starting stats, as well as your starting Spirit Guide.

The mission starts with a cutscene. A man comes knocking on your door for help, who is being chased by a yokai.

You take out the yokai for the man and in process, your eyes are scene turning blue, to your yokai form. After that, you find an anonymous letter, inviting you to a nearby village to ask your help in slaying yokai.

Once you reach the village, pray at the shrine and head on left, as the door infront is locked for now. Two basic yokais later, you come across a giant horse-like yokai, the Gozuki.

Now he is extremely and you can either try to take him out, or completely ignore him, run past him to the end of the arena and turn right up on the rampart.

Straight on, you’ll find a Kodama. Turn left, go straight to open the door back to shrine, and then back to left across the bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, head up to any path you like of the two as they both lead the same way, however, the path on the right will take you to the hut. From here, you can also take the path to the right to loot a sword of a body and find your way to a Kodama.

In the hut, you’ll find a chest which will give you an armor and a weapon, and the body next to it will get you a Rosewood Tonfa.

Fight Enki, which spawns outside the hut and look out for his jump acts. Once you kill it finally, you get Enki Soul Core and a Medicine Case. Head straight to the 2nd shrine of the mission and enter the cemetery. This area can be accessed also by killing the Gozuki you first encounter in the mission by killing it and getting the Cemetery Door Key, and enter straight through the left side.

The Cemetery area is mainly patrolled by human enemies. In the cemetery, after the shrine, you can loot a body to get an Odachi. The gate immediately infront of you is locked so ignore it for now. In the Village in the Cemetery, you’ll encounter all human enemies.

You will find many archers posted on rooftops. After taking down a few enemies, and going through some houses, you’ll find a bow of your own and that will help you a lot to take down these archers. Make your way through the village, avoiding the river as it means instadeath.

In one of the houses at the back of the village, you’ll find your Harakiri sword. One of the houses near the centre of the village, you’ll find a house in which the lights are on and a shadow of a person. Interact with him twice to get Lantern Plant Fruit.

At the end of the village, you will come across a Yoki demon. Take him out and the building next to him again has a chest you can loot.

Head across the gate behind Yoki and head right to open the locked gate you first saw and open them back to the shrine. It is recommended that you pray again and use up any amrita you have to level up and replenish your elixir. Next, you’ll face your first dark realm.

Any revenant fought here will appear here in Yokai form. Also, your Ki regeneration will be extremely slow here, making every fight more difficult. Here is recommended that you request help from other players.

Head into the realm, taking on the first basic yokais and then in the temple on the left. You will come across two Gaki here. Try to take them out quickly, otherwise, they will join to form a larger Gaki yokai, who can paralyze and poison you. Next, you’ll face another Enki, responsible for maintaining the impurity.

Kill him and the dark realm will vanish. This will unlock the chest in the temple and the shrine before the next area. He also drops the Inner shrine key, allowing to progress to the next area.

Open the gate next to the shrine and you’ll head for the boss battle of the mission, facing Mezuki. It looks similar to Gozuki and almost has the same moveset. The boss holds his weapon in his right, and it is better to dodge to his right every time he attacks.

Only attack when behind it and it is better to not block its attacks, as they will quickly eat through your stamina. Drain the boss’s Ki to land strong attacks and deal heavy damage.

After the fight, your character will turn to yokai and attack the cherry blossom tree.

Here, a person will come and ask you to join him to search for spirit stones, after he uses one to help you maintain human form. Also, you get a new Spirit Guide at the end of the Nioh 2 The Village of Cursed Blossoms mission.

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