Nioh 2 The Tiger Approaches Walkthrough

Found in the Shadow Region, ‘The Tiger Approaches’ is a high-level side-quest that we would recommend you only approach once you have reached at least level 45 on your character. This Nioh 2 The Tiger Approaches Walkthrough will help you finish this side mission with ease.

You will only have access to this quest once you have completed the Corpses and Ice Main Mission. This quest involves you assisting an old acquaintance. of yours; Honda Tadakatsu the formidable samurai warrior.

Nioh 2 The Tiger Approaches

As you make your way through the mission, you will find yourself in a large grassy and icy open area, where soon after enemies will spawn. Keep looking for shrines in the nearby area as they can be used to ‘lock down’ the area once its secure.

Every time you rest at a shrine during The Tiger Approaches mission, the enemies you have cleared in that certain area will not respawn. Keep repeating this after every area you clear to ensure you don’t have to worry about enemies every time you die or rest at a shrine.

Clear out the entire area including the multiple-headed spider beast, and head forward through the small pond only to find Tadakatsu struggling with a bunch of Yokai.

Here, Tadakatsu will now be your ally as you fight alongside him taking down all Yokai. Clear out all waves of incoming enemies alongside your samurai friend. You can let Honda take all the damage, or summon someone to help you.

However, if Honda takes too much damage he will go down. Make sure to keep any and all enemies at a safe distance, and then proceed to attempt and revive him.

After having cleared the entire area with Tadakatsu by your side, you will have completed the side-quest The Tiger Approaches and Honda will reward you with a Wooden Kannon Sculpture. The mission rewards are listed below.

Shinobi Faceplate, Shinobi Cuirass, Shinobi Waistguard, and one Samurai’s Lock.

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