Nioh 2 The Shrine of Oaths Walkthrough

Among many other side quests, The Shrine of Oaths is the 15th one which can only be played if you have successfully completed A Way Out main mission. This Nioh 2 The Shrine of Oaths Walkthrough will cover all the information you must know in order to complete the quest easily.

Nioh 2 The Shrine of Oaths

This quest is quite simple as its almost all exploring and no face to face fights with any monsters. The recommended level for this quest is 43.

This quest takes place in the Shadow region where usually exploration is the main theme of the game. So in case, you have already finished the main mission A Way Out this is the perfect guide for you.

When the side quest starts, you will find yourself in the Viper’s Sanctum and the place you need to reach can be seen directly from the starting location right in front of you. It is an area just before the boss room so when you reach this area and talk to the man on the left corner, the mission ends.

This mission is very easy and straightforward as you will not be expecting to fight any Yokai on the way. The only creatures you will have to fight against are small Cyclops, an umbrella, two flame heads and finally a Tengu as the final enemy.

Once you have successfully killed these you can head to the location and talk to the guy on the corner which will give you his guardian spirit which renders the mission as completed successfully. While making your way to the location, throughout the Viper’s Sanctum, you can collect a lot of collectibles.

So in case you want to enjoy the add-ons this quest has to offer don’t forget to wander around to collect all the exciting items you can.

What you must keep in your mind is that as soon as you talk to the man in the left corner the Shrine of Oaths mission ends so if you wish, collect all the items you can before talking to the man.