Nioh 2 The Lost Sword Walkthrough

This Nioh 2 The Lost Sword guide will provide you with the complete walkthrough of this particular mission from Tengu's Disciple DLC.

Nioh 2 includes some sub missions alongside its main missions for players to tackle; The Lost Sword is one of those sub missions. This Nioh 2 The Lost Sword guide will provide you with the complete walkthrough of this particular mission from Tengu’s Disciple DLC.

Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple The Lost Sword

The Lost sword mission of Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple DLC has a recommendation of level 122 and is available once you have completed “A Song to Calm the Storm“.

At the start, you will reach the place you visited in the “A Song of Calm the Storm” mission. Interact with the Kodama shrine and go through the big entrance door.

Now go forward towards the building. Underneath the stairs up ahead, you will find a Scampuss.

Now use the stairs and go up. There’s a soldier up ahead; You can sneak up for a crit to quickly deal with him.

Inside the building, keep moving forward and you will encounter another soldier. Kill it and loot the body as well.


Clear the Garden
After that go outside in the garden where you will see yokai mist. There are 2 Gaki and a Soldier behind the mist as well. Take out the two Gaki and soldier first before going for the large crab-like Yokai.

After dealing with the enemies in the garden, you will find a wrecked door you have to destroy on the left side. After destroying it, you can enter a room with a small chest on the right side. There you will also find a Scampuss behind the pots.

Kill Rokurokubi and Namahage
Now you have to get out and enter the next building. Here inside the room, you will see Rokurokubi and Namahage.

Hit the Rokurokubi in the head to kill it so you can fight Namahage and take them out one by one. After killing them on the left side, there is a skeleton warrior.

Loot it and kill the Gaki on the right side of the stairs and loot the body from there as well.

You have to kill another Napahage in the corridor before getting out of the building. You can also loot a large chest from there. Once you have done with the first section, go to the exit and you will encounter Yokai mist with a soldier as well.

Take out the soldier and kill the Snowclops by taking it out of the mist. After killing it, unlock the door it was protecting, which is a shortcut to the first shrine.

Now you have to go back to the building section of the building. Here in the center, you will find a room where you will encounter Skeleton Warrior and a Rokurokubi. Kill them and loot the body in that room as well to find some useful item.

Now on the eastern side, you will encounter another yokai mist blocking the way.

Take it out of the mist and beat it and exit the building. The Second Kodama shrine is on the left side of the exit.

Second Kodama Shrine
Here your objective is to go to the west side door. But first, go to the shore to help the NPC who is fighting the 2 small Bakegani and a lesser Umi-bozu. Talk to him twice and he will give you to get an Incendiary Longbow Arrow.

Get on the Ship
On the right side of the shore, there is a body to loot, but you have to kill the Gaki there as well. Now go to the ship and cross the plank on your right. Here a Kappa is looting a chest kill it.

Open the chest and head back to the shore. This time take the plank on the left side and burn the haystack using the incendiary longbow arrow. Now enter the door on the west side after getting back to shore.

Here in the room, you will encounter yokai mist, Gaki and a Skeleton warrior.

Just like before taking out the Bakegani from the mist and kill it. But be a little careful this time. After that, go towards the west entrance of the ship by entering the exit on the right.

Cargo Holds
Inside the ship in the cargo holds, you will encounter few enemies, including the soldiers and two Scampuss yokai. You have to simply clear this area from all the enemies and loot everything from there.

Kill the enemies by shooting directly into the head. You can loot two more chests from there from where you get Ame-no-Murakomo Tsurugi.

Once the Cargo holds are cleared, get back to the building and go towards the marked objective and face this mission’s boss.

Taira no Kagekiyo Boss fight
After reaching the arena, General Taira no Kagekiyo and an archer will come to fight you.

Before getting into the fight with the boss, take out the archer since the boss is quite fast. If you fight both simultaneously, it will get difficult.

Once fighting with the boss, rushing in to lower his stamina pretty fast is a good strategy (Don’t overdo it though). Once his stamina is depleted, he will stagger; use this time to dish out some more damage.

Taira no Kagekiyo might throw some bombs at you while fighting, so be ready to dodge. He will make a three-strike attack after he sheathes his katana.

You will eventually defeat that boss if you continue to follow the simple tactic of attacking and dodging. This marks the end of The Lost Sword sub mission of Nioh 2.

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