Nioh 2 The Hollow Fortress Walkthrough

The Hollow Fortress is the 6th story mission that becomes unlocked after completing The Mysterious One Night Castle. Our Nioh 2 The Hollow Fortress Walkthrough will help you finish the mission with ease.

Tokichiro will give you your objective, which is to infiltrate Inabayama Castle and takedown Saito Yoshitatsu. You should be at a high level of at least 33 before attempting this as you will encounter great difficulty and many enemies.

Nioh 2 The Hollow Fortress Walkthrough

After the cutscene ends in which you obtain your objective, the mission will start you off in an underground passage of Inabayama Castle.

You can spot yellow crystals all around you here that can be broken to collect Amrita. You’ll spot the first Kodama shrine ahead. Before you hit the shrine, you should speak with Tokichiro to get small spirit stone.

Head to the path going right and go up the ladder. When you reach the second level with the wood bridges, go the corner with the sandbags and you’ll find the first Kodama there.

You can also find a chest here once you’re done with it, head own and you will have to battle a new kind of Yokai known as a Koroka.

Consistently and aggressively attack them with your spear while avoiding their hits. Keep an eye out for their Burst windup.

Once you’ve dealt with the enemies, you need to climb up the ladder and head towards the large beam.

Take care of the Dweller in front of you, and make your away across.  There will be another foe with a torch that you must also take care of before proceeding forward on the beam.

Once you’ve collected the item on the beam, you should drop down towards the Yokai Fog by the doorway. Defeat the Enki that spawns and then go through the doorway shortcut back to the first Shrine.

You can find a chest outside the large room along with a couple of enemies. The room itself has a box crank that you can pull to bring the elevator to this level.

You should step onto the square in the center to go up. Go to the door which has torches on both sides and kill the two foes you will encounter there.

Go along the path in a counterclockwise direction until you get to the first opening back outside. Take out the Dwellers in the room and collect the item before going back outside.

If you go down one level, you will find a Darkness Realm and a chest. You need to drop down from the platform and run along the path until you reach the room with the chest. Kill the Aberrant Soldier in the center and then head to the next room behind it.

You will encounter a type of Yokai known as a Rokurokubi there.  Be careful and keep your distance while watching out for the snake head. Once you’ve dealt with it, you will have removed the Darkness Realm.

Head back towards the room with the chest and you can find the second Kodama in the interior area. It is on the rock ledge and once you’ve collected it, you need to jump down left from it.  You will come across a room that has a Yokai Fog guarding a chest.

Kill it and the Koroka it spawns to get to the chest. Once you’ve opened it, drop down onto the beams below to get to an NPC Benevolent Grave. You head back up by dropping down another level and taking the elevator.

You can now open the chest in the area where the Darkness Realm has now been removed. Make you way outside and you will come across a Koroka pacing on the slope.

Take care of it and then you can check a chest just before the slope. Make your way down the narrow rock slope and you will reach a room that has an NPC Bloody Grave inside.

From here you should look off the side of the platform and you will spot another chest that you can collect by dropping below.

Dropping down another level will take you to a door that leads back to the platform from where you can access the elevator. Make your way to the room on the side and take care of the Dwellers you encounter there to collect an item.

Go down the ladder to the area below where you will come across a Yokai Fog that spawns an Onryoki. At the start of the fight, it will have chains and a ball each on both arms that it will use to hit you.  It will also do a Burst windup before charging at you so watch out for that attack.

During the second phase of this fight, it will chase you around but will have reduced range. Take it out and then loot the nearby chest for the Ninja’s Locks.

Make your way back to the elevator room to get up top. Head back to the previously mentioned slope and go counterclockwise back inside before following the path outside to the rocky track.

Second Shrine
The second Shrine is being guarded by a Yokai Fog that will spawn an Enki. Take care of it and then kick down the ladder on the left.  Pick up the third Kodama before getting to the shrine.

Make your way up the previously mentioned ladder and then go right from the split. You will spot the Ice Oni walking have to fight it without falling off the edges.

There are two additional enemies nearby that you should also take care of before proceeding to the cliff. You will then reach a building with a ladder that you can climb. Head up and  go around the balcony to find the fourth Kodama.

Go back to the split and go towards the left path this time.  You can find a chest containing Onmyo Mage’s Locks and will have to fight two Aberrant Soldiers that in the vincinity. You can find a Nurikab as well as the first Hot Spring of this mission in this area.

You will come across another split as you move forward. Go to the left down the path and you will come across another Soldier that you must kill. Take care of him and then proceed through the gate to the Yokai Fog.

You will face an Aberrant Soldier and Ice Oni upstairs so kill them and get to the courtyard.  There is a building with the Darkness Realm but don’t go there yet. Head right go towards cliff edge instead to find the fifth Kodama.

You can find a chest containing a Castle Gate Key by dropping down from this area and entering the building with a Yokai Fog in front.

Once you’ve got the key, make your way back to the main area and head to the gate on the top right. You can now open it and pass through.

Go upstairs and then destroy one of the armors on the right to find the sixth and final Kodama.  Proceed forward and take care of the enemy before the stairs before picking up the Scampuss on the left.

Keep heading up and you will reach the temple outside the Darkness Realm. Take out the enemy you spot and open the chest before making your way down the hallway on the left.

The hallway to the left has two small chests in it along with a room with the NPC Bloody Grave. There is a room nearby that has an Aberrant Soldier and a Yokai Fog which will spawn a Rokurokubi. You will also find a Nurikabe and the second Hot Spring of the mission here.

The area of the boss fight is right up here so we recommend not resting until you’re ready for the fight.

Make your way back to the hallway with the two chests and go down the stairs near the Shrine.  If you haven’t already then clear the area of enemies before heading downstairs from the Shrine. You will encounter an Enki and a Koroka so you must take down both to remove Darkness Realm.

Final Shrine
You have now reached the third final shrine. It’s time for the boss fight. Head back to the spring, rest up and get ready.

Saito Yoshitatsu Boss Fight
Saito Yoshitatsu can use Guardian spirits just like the player. It is recommended that you take the Spear as your primary weapon to beat him effectively.

While Yoshitatsu is in the normal human form, you can effectively beat him with your High stance spear. Repeat the move until his health and Ki energy are dropped massively.

Just be careful of his grapple attack if you are close to him. That’s why we recommended a spear so you have a bit more reach. We have prepared a detailed Saito Yoshitatsu boss guide to help you out.

This marks the end of Nioh 2 Hollow Fortress and the mission A Way Out becomes available