Nioh 2 The Golden Nation Walkthrough

This Nioh 2 The Golden Nation Walkthrough will walk you through the complete The Golden Nation mission so you can easily complete it and progress ahead in the game.

The Golden Nation is a Sub-mission with a difficulty level of 5 so you’re recommended to have reached level 50 before you play this mission.

Nioh 2 The Golden Nation

The objective of The Golden Nation sub-mission is to track down the “missing messenger”. The mission starts outside the temple as you stand at its stairs with a Kodama shrine at your right.

First Passageway
To begin, enter the temple to find your self in a corridor going from right to left and an open area right in front of you. The right-side door is closed from behind, so go to the left end and open the closed door to find loot inside, then go down the stairs on the right side and open another door.

Go inside, cross the first room to get into a hall. On the right side, there’s a Rokurokubi Yoki blocking the exit.

Initially, it’ll look like a human, but when you attack it, its Yokai head will emerge. It is advisable to get some assistance beforehand and kill it immediately as you won’t be able to handle its attacks at such close range.

Center Area
Once done, head outside into the open area to find two more Rokurokubi. Once their Yokai head emerges, they do three attacks with severe damage.

Firstly, they can melee you with their long neck from quite a distance, secondly, they spit fire at a range in a circular motion and thirdly, they can grab you with their neck if you come to close and stick you with the sword.

Having taken care of both the Rokurokubi, get over to the bridge in the center to loot a corpse, then go to the far end of the area to suddenly trip into a Dark Realm, you’ll find a Mitsume Yazura there. Take care of it and head back inside from where you came and start ramming different walls to find more enemies.

The wall just to the right of where you enter has a huge Skeleton Warrior with an Axe behind it. You’ll also find another random enemy behind one of the walls. After slaughtering both of them, you can go up the stairs to completely cover this area.

The stairs are in the hall where you encountered the first Rokurokubi. Up there, you’ll find a Ninja warrior and some loot as well. Now head back downstairs and keep heading to the far side of the area breaking the walls to find a locked door that’ll take you to the passageway on the other side of the open area.

Second Passageway
By the door, you’ll find some loot. Once you open it, take the stairs down to the left to find a Yoki sitting on a fire. Take it with surprise and kill it to take the loot. The rest of this place is closed so you have to go up the stairs on the passageway.

There, directly in front of you will be a Flying Bolt Yokai. She is very fast and shift its position very swiftly.

Do not let her go once you have landed a hit on her as it slows her down for a split second. Take her down with a combo and move along, right-hand side from where you entered this passageway.

On the path, you’ll find a door to your left; which is closed from the other side too, and across that will be a Skeleton Warrior. Beware of its ranged attacks and kill it quickly and move along.

You’ll find stairs going down on your right, followed by another stair going down on the left and a closed-door at the end of the path as well.

First, take the stairs on the left and take a turn around the corner to get to the other side and find another huge Skeleton Warrior with an Axe and a Tesso; a rat ninja Yokai.

The Tesso does a dash attack, jumps on you from above and can also disappear to avoid your attacks.

Having killed them both, head back up and open the door at the end of the path for loot. Then head down the stairs on the right that lead inwards of the area. On the path, there is a Ninja accompanied by a small Skeleton Warrior.

Take care of them, find the door on the right side that is closed form behind and move along, go up the stairs at the end and turn right to open a closed door. This should be the door that you encountered at the start.

Make sure you open this door so that if you die fighting the boss ahead, you can directly get to him through this door after respawn.

Onryoki Boss Battle
Head the other way from that door and open the door on the left to enter a hall. You’ll find a huge Yokai boss; Onryoki in there and the door will close behind you. It is a very difficult enemy to beat.

He holds two chained boulders in his hand that he swirls at you and spin with them to cover the whole area. To avoid these attacks, recognize the pattern of the boulder attacks an as soon as he is about to execute an attack, get behind him and do as much damage as you can before he turns around.

If you are struggling with the Onryoki boss fight, we have prepared a guide to help you out.

Having killed Onryoki, get out of the hall, take the stairs, turn right, then right again, go straight ahead to the end of the path, turn right from the stairs and open the gate on your right.

Remember, this is the gate that came after you killed Flying Bolt and before he Ninja and Skeleton Warrior, midway of the path.

Open the door to find the messenger inside. This will end The Golden Nation mission.

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