Nioh 2 The Buddha’s Palm Walkthrough

The Buddha’s Palm mission in Nioh 2 requires you to help Usui No Sadamistu, who just went to the temple housing the Great Buddha Statue.

Sadamistu is a man of faith, but faith isn’t enough for the trouble he will face at the temple; therefore, you will have to help him. Our guide will walk you through the entire Buddha’s Palm Mission in Nioh 2, so let’s get into it.

Nioh 2 The Buddha’s Palm

As The Buddha’s Palm mission from Darkness in the Capital DLC starts, go and speak to the guy at the temple entrance who will direct you inside. You will find two enemies here on the left staircase, finish them off.

Make your way up the stairs till you see the demon with an axe on the wooden balcony, finish it off and descend down the ladder.

You will have to fight a Gong here, so make sure you are already buffed up. As soon as you kill the bong, everyone is easily defeated.

After killing two more demons, you can find the Kodama around the corner in the bushes.

Make your way into the temple where you will encounter two more demons, kill them, and interact with the Shady Eye adjacent to the wall which will open the section behind the wall. Turn left immediately to find and Kodama.

Go around and up till you find the stairs, go left and go down the stairs again to kill the guard demon here.

Obtain the Shady Eye to open the second behind the wall. Kill the enemies and go back the same stairs, turn right and follow the wooden path, killing the demons on the way.

When you reach the end of the wooden path, drop down on the left side to find another Kodama.

Go back to the path and find the cave that will let you drop down using the ladder.

Keep dropping down and buff up just before the lowest level. Kill the demons and open the door on your left.

Beyond the gate you will be able to choose certain skills and abilities so that’s up to how your character is built up.

Slay the demons here and go behind the glowing structure to find another Kodama.

Now explore the area till you find the ladder, go up it and interact with Shady eyes to open the hot spring.

Get out, turn left twice to find another Kodama in the corner. Go down the ladder and turn left, kill the two demons and use the shady eyes to open the next section.

You will enter the Dark zone and once the demons are killed here, they will not respawn.

Avoid the demons and wander around in the area. Escape the area successfully by going down the stairs where the dark zone ceases to exist.

Buff up and make sure you kill the Kasha here. Open the door to the right after killing Kasha as this will take you to the shrine.

Head back and kill all the demons. On the left of one of the staircases, you will find the final Kodama.

Giant Toad Boss

Your next worry up the ladder is the Giant Toad, one of the hardest bosses in Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital.

Buff up and fight the Giant Toad off! Use this demon’s slow speed to your advantage and dodge his attacks. Feathers will do the most damage here, so try to use them the most.

Once you defeat the Giant Toad, the mission will end successfully.