Nioh 2 Suzune in the Flame Walkthrough

Nioh 2 Suzune in the Flames is a main mission of Darkness in the Capital DLC. We will make things easier for you and will guide you through the whole mission in Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital. Let’s get started.

Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital Suzune in the Flames

Suzune in the Flames is kind of a mini, yet a main story mission, and the level recommended for this mission is 130 with the difficulty level 3.

By the time you start this mission, you will be quite familiar with the game mechanics and other minor details of this game.

So, we won’t be focusing on the mechanics and other minute details instead, we will only highlight the key points of this mission.

The mission starts off in the capital of Japan, Heian-Kyo located in Yamashiro province, and it is June of 976.

You will find yourself in one of the streets. The streets are surrounded by houses belonging to the aristocracy.

On your right, you will see a building. You can either look for loot in the building or you can head west.

Take a left once you see an abandoned cart, and you will find a Wheelmonk Yokai in the backyard.

Kill the Wheelmonk to get rewards and continue your journey to the west from where you started the mission.

Finding the bucket of water
Once you have passed the abandoned cart, you will find an Aberrant Soldier on your right sitting on the steps of a building.

You will also encounter a Skeleton Warrior on the roof of that building, Rokurokubi inside the building, Warrior Skeleton, Flying Bolt, Yamanba, Gaki

After eliminating all of them, go upstairs, and you will find a bucket of water on the roof outside. Push that bucket to put out the fire in the street below.

Finding Kodamas
After that, head outside, and you will encounter an Aberrant Soldier. Kill it and get Scampuss from the stacked buckets on the right of the corpse.

Once you are done, go in the opposite direction of the dead end, and you will encounter another enemy, Oboroguruma. Kill it, and you will find a carriage behind it.

Destroy the carriage to get your hands on the first Kodama of this mission. Head east and you will encounter 2 Oni-bi’s.

Kill them and also break the bucket of water on the right side to remove the burning effect.

Break the wooden box on your left side to get your hands on the 2nd and last Kodama for this mission.

Finding the Boss
Head back from where you came from and continue your journey. You will encounter a One-eyed Imp and a Skeleton Warrior.

Eliminate them and continue your journey.

You will encounter a Kiryoki outside the building on your right hand side.

Kill it, and after that, you can either go inside that building for loot, or you can go fight the boss on the left side of the road.

A cut-scene will trigger once you open the gate on your left, and that’s where the final fight will begin.

Boss Fight
The boss you are fighting is Minamoto no Yorimitsu, and this fight will happen in the Dark Realm. She will summon a Yokai that you can easily dodge.

Since she is a human boss, so she is as vulnerable as you are. So, exploit that for your advantage.

Tire her up first and then attack her with a powerful blow. She will also summon her guardian spirit once you have inflicted some damage to her.

Once 30% of her health is left, the battle will end, and a cut-scene will be triggered.

You will get “The Demon and the Phoenix” trophy as a reward. There will be a lot of loot in the mansion. Grab it before you go.

You will get 1 Samurai Lock, Fists, Demon Slayer Helmet, Demon Slayer Cuirass, and few other things as a reward for completing this mission.

But that’s not it. You will find a lot of chests to get your hands on different kinds of things.

You will also get rewards by killing the small enemies while you try to complete the main objective of this mission. Let’s turn our attention towards the main mission.

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