Nioh 2 Sudama Locations Guide

Nioh 2 has a lot of cool features for the player to explore; one of these is the trading mechanics with Sudama. This guide will cover all the Nioh 2 Sudama Locations for you to find.

The Sudama is actually a spirit that bears no danger to you, instead it is a merchant of sorts. It has an extreme attachment to all earthly items. Try giving it something that it likes a lot, and the Sudama will return you the favor.

Nioh 2 Sudama Locations

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames
As you are making your way through The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames to meet up with the buyer for the Spirit Stones, you will find the Sudama in the village inside the Dark Realm.

The Viper’s Sanctum
During the Viper’s Sanctum mission you can find Sudama in two locations. The first being near the first Scampuss behind the boxes; where you face a Nure-Onna in the mist of the dark realm.

The second Sudama is near the third shrine. Head east from the shrine and you can see the little Sudama walking around.

The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama
In Okehazama, the first Sudama can be found outside the cave where you met Yamanba for the first time. Exit through the left side of the cave and head right to find the Sudama near some bushes.

After your encounter with the One-eyed Oni, follow the grassy path to reach the Sudama.

The Mysterious One Night Castle
Like the previous mission, in this journey, you will find Sudama at two occasions. Near the second shrine, you will find the first Sudama next to the gate of the fort.

The second Sudama can be found on the Eastern side of the forest. To get to it, you will have to close the western floodgate, use the ladders to reach the other end where the Sudama awaits.

The Hollow Fortress
In the Inabayama Castle, go into the large room on the right from the crank that opens the lift. In the small room, you can find a Sudama behind a large open chest.

The second Sudama is located at the bottom of the slope where you encountered the cyclops, near the second shrine.

The final Sudama is found in the armory near the castle where you first obtained the Castle Gate Key.

A Way Out
Go straight from the moving spotlight instance to a hunt with a Yamanba inside it. Head inside the hut and exit out from the other door to pick up the first Sudama.

The second sudama in this area is near the red Torii gate of the temple. Keep walking until you reach a fork in the road, take the path to the right until you find the Sudama near a corpse.

Corpses and Ice
Near the shrine where you fight Magara, head to the second floor of the building to reach the Sudama.

Bird in a Cage
From the spider cave, head to the rooftop of the house to reach the courtyard. Check the backyard of the houses to find the Sudama.

The second Sudama is on the first floor of the castle, behind some stairs.

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