Nioh 2 Shibata Katsuie Boss Guide

You might remember Shibata Katsuie as one of the potential bosses you face during The Shifting’s Wise Judgement mission. This Nioh 2 Shibata Katsuie Boss guide will help you defeat the boss in his true Yokai form.

Nioh 2 Shibata Katsuie Boss

Shibata Katsuie is a Yokai monster boss with tusks like a boar. He uses fire element in his attacks. You will face Shibata Katsuie’s true Yokai form during the Ruin Draws Near mission.

His main attack during the fight will be running at you, to which there is no counter other than dodging out of the way a moment before he hits you.

To defeat him, you will have to wait for his stamina to drain and then attack him. When he is out of stamina, we will be vulnerable to your attacks.

To drain his stamina out, keep dodging his attacks in which he will run towards you. Eventually, he will run out of his stamina and turn the whole room into a dark realm.

During the Dark Realm phase, your Ki regeneration will be disrupted but you will be able to use your Yokai abilities more freely. While in the Dark Realm all his attacks will be imbued with fire.

He will also gain a new charge using his weapons to move around the battlefield and leaving a trail of fire behind. You will have to drain his stamina again to return back to the normal state of the room.

Keep repeating the steps until all of Shibata’s HP is depleted!

Shibata uses the following attacks during this boss fight

Fire Boar
Shibata will summon a Fire Boar that runs forward leaving a trail of fire. You can easily dodge it by moving either left or right.

Burst Combo
Shibata will perform a powerful combo with his axes while moving forward towards you. You can burst counter it.

Whirlwind Attack
It will move forward while spinning his axes around him. To counter it, run away from him in the opposite direction and wait for the attack to finish.

Rush Forward
Shibata will rush to your location trying to stomp you. If he gets close enough, he will attack from below with his weapons. Counter it by trying to stay in the center of the room and dodge left or right.

Weapon Rush
He will rush to your location using his axes and leaving a trail of fire behind. Try to stay in the center of the room and dodge left or right.

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