Nioh 2 Shadows Creep in Kurama Walkthrough

Nioh 2 has many side missions along with the main story missions players can complete for extra loot and additional lore. Our Nioh 2 Shadows Creep in Kurama guide will help you through the side mission in Tengu’s Disciple DLC.

Nioh 2 Shadows Creep in Kurama

Both yokai and human enemies can be found and the Shadows Creep in Kurama mission of Tengu’s Disciple DLC sends players to investigate and stop the source of trouble on Mt. Kurama.

The mission starts with you arriving on Mt. Kurama and you immediately find the first shrine of the map at the next entrance.

Head straight and kill the ronin, then turn east. Inside a house, you will notice a yokai, kill it and claim the chest inside the house.

Once you are done with the house, you should follow to the east side of the house and loot a body at the edge of the cliff, but beware as another yokai, Gaki, will ambush you here.

Get back to the first house and head up the inclined path on the left of the house.

A large yokai will be waiting, but look on the roof of the house on the left, and make sure you kill the yokai on it to keep it from ambushing you.

Once all the yokai are dealt with, head in the house on the right and kill the ronin.

Use the door on the right side of the house and check by the corner of the fence to find a Kodama here, whereas on the other side, you can use the ladder to get to the top. A Scampuss is here, along with a corpse you can loot.

Get both the Scrampuss and the Kodama and continue to the next section.

Here, a yokai is waiting to ambush you, disguised as a lantern, so wack all the lantern on your way.

Kill the yokai and go east into the storeroom. Here, another yokai is waiting to welcome you, so go in with your bow, ready to kill the spider yokai. Then loot the chest in the room.

Inside this room, go to the left side and you will get to a Torii gate and face a yokai here.

Shoot it to draw it to you, then kill it, so you don’t have much trouble.  Enter and kill all the yokai, or draw them back into the open area to fight them.

Get to the shrine and as you reach the top, look behind to spot a yokai and spider inside the shed. Kill them and loot the body in here as well as a small shrine to obtain a small item and a memory.

Now head east and head up the inclined path where the small red lanterns are hanging and clear the area at the top.

Cross the bridge, kill the yokai and continue ahead. At the end of this path, a door will lead you to a garden temple engulfed in dark realm.

As you enter the dark realm, you immediately face multiple yokai and the best way to deal with them is by quickly shooting the Imp yokai in its eye to kill it and by trying to draw the others out of the dark realm area.

You will need to face the Tengu inside the realm since it is the source of the dark realm and only after defeating Tengu can you unlock the next Kodama shrine at the bottom of the steps by the entrance of the larger shrine.

Use the much needed second shrine and then enter the shrine in front of you through the front door.

Kill the ronin and go to the right side and open the large chest, then head left to exit the shrine. Shoot the sleeping yokai near the main door.

Before you leave, make sure to unlock a memory by interacting with the large incense pot in the middle on the altar. Once you have cleared the shrine, head out from the left door.

Outside, draw out the yokai from the yokai mist and kill it, then head straight towards the cliffside and work your way through until you get to the forest.

There is also a cabin to be found here, but the main door to the cabin is locked. Be cautious as many yokai are hiding n the forest to ambush you.

From the cabin, head east on the narrow path and you will find yourself on the other side of the cabin with another yokai yet again blocking your path.

Kill it and head inside the cabin. Here, kill the Kappa quickly before it escapes, then loot it to get Saigyo’s Poem 3. Before you continue from here using the ladder, make sure you unlock the cabin front door.

At the end of this ladder, you find a hot spring that you can use.

Get fresh and after the bath, climb back up, walk back to the narrow path and soon you’ll find the third Kodama shrine. This path has a few yokai, but it leads to the final boss of the mission.

Nue Boss Battle

Nue is a returning boss from Nioh 1. Nue is a beast that harnesses Lightning. One of the most agile bosses of the game, Nue has devastating attacks that cover up a large area, but do take time to charge up. Check out our Nue boss guide for more info on beating it.

Once you’ve defeated Nue the side mission “Shadows Creep in Kurama” is now complete. You’ll get your hand on some loot and Nue’s Soul Core.

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