Nioh 2 Shadows Creep in Kurama Kodama Locations Guide

In this Nioh 2 Shadows Creep in Kurama Kodama Locations guide, we will give you an in-depth guide on how to locate all these little green critters in Shadows Creep in Kurama mission of Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 Shadows Creep in Kurama Kodama Locations

Shadow Creep in Kurama is a Nioh 2 submission. In this subquest, there are multiple Kodama locations that can be found.

Kodama are small tree spirits that inhabit the land. These peaceful green sprites are found at Shrines and offer blessings.

In Shadows Creep in Kurama, there are a total of 6 Kodama locations. We have listed all of them down below.

Kodama #1
To find this Kodama, head to the first shrine. From there, go ahead until you see a house on the left of the temple.

Go inside and through the house to the other side to find some fences. The Kodama will be present near the corner of the fences.


Kodama #2
For this, continue ahead from the first location until you reach a crossing with a red lantern. Keep moving forward to reach the red torii gate.

From there, head up the shrine and use the ladder to climb up. At the top, move left and then jump down to the platform to find the 2nd Kodama.

Kodama #3
For the third Kodama, return to the ladder and then start moving east. Eventually, you will reach the dark engulfed temple.

At the entrance of the temple, you can find the Kodama to the right. It will be behind some plants there.

Kodama #4
For the fourth Kodama, go inside the temple and exit it from the western gate. Keep going forward until you reach a big tree.

Keep moving forward from there to reach another tree, and the Kodama will be behind this tree, right next to a ladder.

Kodama #5
From the fourth Kodama location, use the ladder to climb up to a narrow path and then move right on the path. Keep moving forward until you reach a cliff.

Drop down the cliff to find the fifth and penultimate Kodama.

Kodama #6
For the final Kodama, return to the narrow path where you got from climbing the ladder. From the path, go straight until you reach the end and from there, go right to find a locked cabin.

On the left, there will be a small path. You will find the final and sixth Kodama here.

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