Nioh 2 PC Release Probably Set For Fall 2020

There still has been absolutely no mention of a PC release for Nioh 2. The platform was missing in action when the closed alpha began in June, and also when the open beta was announced earlier this week. Even the debut trailer and gameplay footage from Tokyo Game Show 2019 contained nothing.

The absence of a PC release has been duly noted by fans, leading to concerns that Nioh 2 may end up as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. However, that’s unlikely to happen. The original sold well enough on both PlayStation 4 and PC to remove any doubts. In addition, should there have been any exclusivity deal, Sony would have been flaunting since the start of the year.

The fact is that the original received a similar release window. Nioh graced PlayStation 4 in February 2017 and then PC (via Steam) in November 2017. Team Ninja has already confirmed that Nioh 2 will launch for PlayStation 4 in early 2020. That’s the same February release window, meaning that the PC release will likely follow the same route and surface in fall next year.

Nioh 2 will serve as a prequel and take place nearly four decades before the original. The new protagonist has been revealed to be a spawn of a human and a yokai, allowing him to transform into the latter and step foot into the dark realm where all unearthly beings reside. The story synopsis mixes actual history with Japanese folklore once again. The gameplay, like before, will also be featuring the same difficulty ceiling, maybe even higher this time around.

According to general producer Hisashi Koinuma, all weapon types from the first installment will return in the sequel but with new moves. In addition, there are going to be several new weapon types that will be revealed in due time.

Until officially stated otherwise, Nioh 2 remains in development for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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