Nioh 2 Onryoki Boss Guide

Onryoki is a returning boss from the first Nioh game so veterans will be familiar with the fight but for others who might be struggling, we have this Nioh 2 Onryoki Boss Guide with tips and strategies to defeat the boss.

Nioh 2 Onryoki Boss

As we mentioned before, Onryoki is actually a boss you encountered in the previous game as well. In Nioh 2, the fight strategy remains the same so if you remember the old fight, you are all set.

You will encounter Onryoki during The Golden Nation mission in Nioh 2. The place where you fight Onryoki can be a bit cramped making dodging a bit difficult but if you time your moves right you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

The Onryoki boss fight has two phases. In the first phase of the fight, he will spin the giant chains with steel balls attached to them all around the arena. They do a ton of damage so your best bet is to stay at a distance and dodge the whirling attacks.

Keep circling Onryoki and attack him whenever you see an opening. Just don’t be greedy and make sure you back out after a few hits. Watch out for his burst moves and ensure a well timed Burst Counter to interrupt and deal damage to him.

When his health goes below 70%, Onryoki will drop his chains and start using his hands for attacks. He also becomes a bit faster in this phase and performs some swipe attacks that you should watch out.

Throughout this phase, Onryoki will randomly go over to one of his chains and then throw the whole chain and ball towards you. Make sure you dodge this or it can devastate your health.

While he is running to pick them up, you can use some ranged attacks or Jutsu to damage Onryoki.

Keep these tips and mind and keep on attacking whenever you see an opening and you will defeat Onryoki in no time.