Nioh 2 Maeda Toshiie Boss Guide

Maeda Toshiie is a human enemy in Nioh 2. He’s found at level 72 in the main mission, Ruin Draws Near. He has more weaknesses than strengths. In this Nioh 2 Maeda Toshiie boss guide, we’ve given those weaknesses that can help you defeat this boss with ease.

Nioh 2 Maeda Toshiie Boss

Maeda Toshiie is armed with a spear which helps him strike rapidly and gives a longer reach than most weapons. However, due to him being a human, Maeda Toshiie doesn’t have a good health bar.

You can use this weakness as your advantage by moving around him and making him miss attacks. Make sure to attack him as soon as possible once he misses a combo.

Another way (the most recommended) to defeat him is by using the Paralytic Groundfire skill. Simply plant them on the ground and stand in them in a blocking position. Once the boss enters the radius, he’ll get incapacitated for a while.

Try to fully use this situation by doing a death blow from behind with a spear which decreases a lot of health of the boss while he’s on the ground. Therefore, make sure to unlock this skill before coming to the battle.

If you haven’t unlocked this skill then continue hitting him with normal attacks which can eventually drop his health and he’ll be as good as dead in no time.

Be prepared to parry his attacks, most of them should be easy to counter. Maeda twirls his spear on his side before rushing you for a stab attack. Make sure you block this attack as dodging can be a bit tricky and will require precise timing.

If you can parry Maeda Toshiie’s spear charge, you can deal a lot of damage and knock him to the ground. That gives you another opportunity to perform a ground stab and deal damage while he is incapacitated.

Keep repeating this and you will defeat Maeda Toshiie in no time.

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