Nioh 2 Learning a Lesson Walkthrough

Learning a Lesson is one of the many sub missions you can take on in the game for some XP and loot. These side missions reward players with special items when completed the first time and they play no role in the main storyline. In this Nioh 2 Learning a Lesson Walkthrough, we will go through on how to complete this mission.

The recommended level for Learning a Lesson mission is 39.

Nioh 2 Learning a Lesson

In this mission, you will be helping Lord Nobunaga whose sword has been stolen.

At the start point of the mission, there will be a shrine which you can use to heal yourself before starting. Then start moving forward towards the cave. There will be a soldier sitting on the left side. Kill him and then go ahead on the narrow path.

After finishing these soldiers, keep moving towards the right-side path. You will enter an area where there will be a dark mist and another enemy. You can kill him to loot a glowing pot near the area.

After that, a Yoki will appear which you will have to kill. After clearing all the enemies in the dark mist, climb the ladder on the left side to reach the marked area on the mini-map.

Climbing the ladder will take you to a cave. Keep moving, killing the enemies that come in your way. You will then reach the dark realm. There will be a shrine here and a big monster too.

Kill the monster to end the dark realm effect and after killing it, make sure to use the nearby shrine to activate it as your new spawn location and recharge your HP etc.

After interacting with the shrine, you will have a new marked location on the map. Heading towards it will take you out of the cave. While following the marker, you will face many enemies which you will have to kill along the way.

At the end of the cave, you will emerge outside and see that the area ahead is blocked. Once you step outside, you will face different Yokai enemies in three waves. The wave of yokai that will appear at the marked location is:

  • First Wave: 2x Gaki, 1x Yamanba
  • Second Wave: 1x Dweller, 1x Enki
  • Last Wave: 1x Warrior Skeleton, 1x Yoki

After clearing these Yokai, proceed further to find the stolen sword! This will be the end of the Learning a Lesson side mission.

Mission rewards

  • Jikkyu Mitsuda x1
  • Sacred Water x5
  • Spirit Stone x3
  • Skeletal Warrior’s Sacrum x1
  • 12400 Gold
  • 6816 Amrita

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