Nioh 2 Hot Springs Locations Guide

Nioh 2 has 27 Hot Springs throughout the maps and bathing in every one of them unlocks the Spa Lover trophy. If you are interested in finding them, we have prepared this Nioh 2 Hot Springs Locations Guide.

Sitting in the spring gives you a complete health regen and a temporary healing effect which proves helpful in boss fights.

Nioh 2 Hot Springs Locations

Hot springs are almost always hidden behind Yokai walls (hidden walls with red eyes). You can either fight them or just get rid of them by choosing one of the three emotes (red, yellow or blue).

You get 2 choices and if you get them both wrong, the wall will attack you and you will have to take it down.

Ideally, some player death icons show which emotes had them killed, so it makes it pretty easy to get rid of walls.

The walls don’t respawn, so it’s a good idea to get rid of them early on.

Below are the 27 Springs in the order of Story missions they are found in:

The Beast Born of Smoke and Fire Spring
The second main story mission. On the Ground floor of the burning building at the end of the mission, kick down the barrels to extinguish flames.

After you have dropped the first barrel, walk to the top right corner of the room and you’ll find the yokai wall hiding the spring.

The Viper’s Sanctum
After the second shrine, just before you reach the area with poison(bottom of the map), there is a side cave with the hidden spring.

The Hidden Monster of Okehazama
After the 2nd shrine, head all the way down the hill. Just before you enter the cave, there is a yokai wall behind which lies the hot spring.

The Mysterious One Night Castle
1st Spring: After exiting the village after closing the 2nd flood gate, you’ll head into the woods. Before crossing the wooden bridge, you’ll find the spring onto your right.

2nd Spring: This one can be found just to the right of the 4th flood gate, which also opens up a path to the first shrine. This one is useful as it is in the pathway to get to the boss from the shrine.

Hollow Fortress
1st Spring: From the 2nd shrine, head up the ladder and take the left narrow pathway with yellow crystals all the way up. At the top, you find a Rocket-Arm enemy with its face facing the other direction. Here, you’ll hind the yokai wall hiding the spring.

2nd Spring: This one can be found on the way from the 3rd shrine to the boss arena. Below the arena floor, you’ll find a rocket-arm enemy and a yokai wall. Again, get rid of the wall to reveal the spring.

A Way Out
After the 2nd Searchlight area, you’ll find three paths. A cave, a bridge with a Tengu on it, and a path with a Cyclops at the end.

Go down the 3rd path and you’ll find the hot spring. If you reach the 3rd shrine before that, you have gone too far and need to backtrack.

Corpse and Ice
Just before the mission boss, there is a secret wall on the left where 3 samurai are standing. Get rid of the yokai wall and find the hot spring, also useful to buff yourself in boss fight.

Bird in a Cage
After pulling the blue lever to turn the blue bridge, drop down the bridge to the platform below, which reveals a opening to the ground floor. Here you find a hot spring and a kodoma.

Pervading Waters
After the 3rd shrine, there is a Dark Realm. After this, you must enter a building to advance (has some fake walls that you must cut through).

Straight in front of you after entering this building will be a secret wall. Get rid of it to find the hot spring.

Song of the Yokai (Side Mission)
This side quest takes place in a bathhouse, and has 7 hot springs. On the starting floor, you find 2 on the right and 2 on the left. 2 more can be found on the floor above.

The 7th can be accessed by dropping from the wooden beam to the floor below. All of these springs are guarded by Yokai.

Frenzied Fire
From 3rd shrine, take the path on the left all the way down. Hot spring is at the end of this path.

The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno
At the 3rd shrine, you destroy two crystals. This is the area just before the boss. Drop through the holes these crystals leave to get to the spring.

Ruin Draws Near
Shortly after 2nd shrine, go through the first Dark Realm. Before the second Dark Realm, take the side path leading downstairs. The hot spring in behind the corner in the basement.

If we find any other Hot Spring locations, we will add them to this guide so stay tuned.

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