Nioh 2 Hachisuka Koroku Boss Guide

Like any good RPG, Nioh 2 also comes with some branches in its storytelling and bosses. One such branch is in The Shifting’s Wise Judgement side mission. Depending on your choice, you will need this Nioh 2 Hachisuka Koroku Boss Guide to help you out.

Nioh 2 Hachisuka Koroku Boss

The Shifting’s Wise Judgement focuses on a quarrel between Shibata Katsuie and Hachisuka Koroku. If players choose to side with Shibata at the start of the mission, they will have to fight Hachisuka at the end as the main boss of this mission.

However, given that you took Shibata’s side, the boss fight will actually be easier because you will have Shibata as an AI companion assisting you in the Hachisuka Koroku boss fight.

If you have played the first Nioh you should be familiar with how formidable the AI companions can be and Shibata is no different. The best way to find the Hachisuka boss fight is to let the friendly NPC deal with the boss.

Shibata can not only serve as a tank but also dish out a fair amount of damage. Throughout the fight, you should let Shibata make sure Hachisuka’s focus is on him while you flank the boss and attack from behind.

Every NPC companion in Nioh 2 is pretty much invincible. They can get downed in fights but they never die and have a lot of health. So whenever Shibata goes down, just be quick to revive him and he will ensure that the boss doesn’t focus on you.

Keep this tactic up and act as support for Shibata and you will easily defeat Hachisuka Koroku boss in no time.

In case you sided with Hachisuka at the start of the mission, you will have to fight Shibata at the end but Hachisuka will be your AI companion.

Rest of the fight and tactics play out the same so you shouldn’t have any trouble winning if you follow this guide, regardless of the choice you made.