Nioh 2 Forest Veiled in Darkness Kodama Locations Guide

This guide will help you get to the Nioh 2 Forest Veiled in Darkness Kodama Locations. This area of the game only has 2 Kodama locations so you don’t have to search around too much.

Nioh 2 Forest Veiled in Darkness Kodama Locations

The reason you should definitely be getting Kodamas is that for every 5 Kodama you find you get an extra Elixir for that region. Finding all 150 Kodama will unlock the Kodama Leader trophy.

Don’t worry if you go through the mission without collecting the kodamas as everything is collectible through the option of mission select allowing you to replay the mission.

For the first Kodama location, you would have to venture to a dead tree in the center of the map.

Underneath the tree will be a rock on which will see a yellow-glowing mushroom and the Kodama will be sitting inside it. For it to be visible though, you would have to destroy the mushroom.

To get to the second Kodama you would first have to circle around the mountain slope all the way to the end, starting from the tree where you find the first Kodama.

This will lead you to the far left side of the map, assuming you mark your direction from the level start point. You will eventually reach a house and some chests, the Kodama is behind the chest outside the house.

Keep on collecting Kodamas throughout the game and eventually not only will you unlock the trophy but also gain elixirs as rewards through the Shrines in every region of the game.

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