Nioh 2 Eternal Rivals Kodama Locations Guide

Nioh 2: Tengu’s Disciple DLC has various Kodamas that you can find throughout its missions. In this Nioh 2 Eternal Rivals Kodama Locations guide, we’ll be walking you through the different locations of each Kodama.

Nioh 2 Tengu’s Disciple DLC Eternal Rivals Kodama Locations

The descriptions below will guide you through the 9 different Kodama Locations found in the Eternal Rivals mission in Nioh 2: Tengu’s Disciple DLC.

Kodama #1
The first Kodama can be found near the second save shrine. Head to the wooden path near the glowing crystals and go down to the ground floor. Here, you can find the first Kodama next to a ladder.

Kodama #2
The second Kodama can be found by climbing up the ladder next to the first Kodama. Start going up the walkway and you’ll find yourself on a platform.

Drop down to the platform right below you from here (Might be a little hard to see), and you can find the second Kodama idling by here.

Kodama #3
The third Kodama can be found by going to the second save shrine. Go to the ground floor yet again as you did with the first Kodama and head to the corner next to the pillars.  You’ll find the third Kodama here.


Kodama #4
Retrace your steps back up the wooden path and go from behind the path where the third Kodama was.

Keep going up and you’ll find yourself in an area with the same banner displayed mostly everywhere.

Go into the cave in this area and turn right at the end to find the fourth Kodama.

Kodama #5
Head through the alternative path from the fork in the cave and you’ll find yourself at the third save shrine.

Go North from the save shrine, turn right and head left towards the building. You’ll find the fifth Kodama within this building.

Kodama #6
Cross the bridge near the fifth Kodama and go back to the fork in the road where we recently turned right. Head left now and go to the building.

Go through the building and go past the large gap in the wall. Here, you’ll find the fourth save shrine.

Take a right from the path going away from the fourth save shrine and keep going straight until you can turn left.

Turn left again and keep going until you finally hit an end on this path. You can find the sixth Kodama at the end of this path.

Kodama #7
Retrace your steps back and on the second fork, take a left. Keep following the flowers and go left when you come across the wooden path which will take you to a tree. On one of the tree branches, you’ll find the seventh Kodama.

Kodama #8
Follow the tree up and go to the large bridge. Cross it and turn right at the end of the bridge.

After you reach the end of the path with two diverging ends, follow the left path and you can find the eighth Kodama at the end of the path observing the wall.

Kodama #9
Go back and take the alternative path now with the purple flowers. Continue following the path without diverging at any point. You’ll find yourself at the fifth save shrine.

Go past the save shrine and head right through the path that takes you down. You can find the final Kodama in Nioh 2’s Eternal Rivals mission by the tree before the doors

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