Nioh 2 DLC To Take Place In Different Eras With 2 New Weapons

Information was recently revealed about the Nioh 2 DLC's that confirmed that the expansions will take place in a different era with 2 new weapons.

It looks like we have some information regarding the upcoming Nioh 2 DLC. This information was revealed from ryokutya via BlackKite on Twitter.

Apparently there will be 2 Nioh 2 DLCs that will take place in a different era. The DLC batches will be distributed three times. These expansions will reportedly connect to the main timeline of the series even if the era in which they take place will be different. The difficulty level of the game will be increased but it will not be as wild as the first game.

The original Nioh game made casual gamers frustrated due to its impossible levels of difficulty. Games like The Surge, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are known for the hardcore difficulty levels and the Nioh franchise is among them.

The second Nioh 2 DLC will see the addition of two new weapons. Team Ninja seems to be running out of ideas and is open to new idea submissions.

There will also be replayability mode which will improve on the feature from the first game. Nioh 2 already has weapons such as a Sword, Dual Swords, Spear, Kusarigama and Axe. Other weapons include Odachi (Nioh 1 DLC), Hatches (New), Switchglaive (New) and Tonfas (Nioh 1 DLC).

If you wish to see a weapon make its way to the game you can let Team Ninja know. Although, it seems like there is already a plethora of weapons in the upcoming title. The game is getting DLC packs even before it is released which shows that Team Ninja has a lot of confidence in the project. The fact that the events of the DLC will take place in a new era means the expansions will have a feel of their own. Let’s hope that the downloadable content is well worth the extra money so that players will pay for it.

Earlier this month, Team Ninja officially announced that the Nioh 2’s development had completed. The game is set to release on March 13 for the PlayStation 4.