Nioh 2 Development Ends, Game Will Release March 13 On Schedule

Team Ninja made an announcement today on the official Nioh 2 Twitter account and has told fans of the Nioh games that Nioh 2 development has ended, and the game has gone gold. This means that the game will be releasing on schedule for March 13 of this year exclusively on Playstation 4.

Nioh 2 is going to be something of a different beast from the original Nioh, as it’s a prequel that takes place before the original game. Players will be able to customize their own character as they travel around Japan battling yokai and various demons, alongside new bosses, enemies, and allies.

Along with that, cooperative play has now been added, adding more Dark Souls-like qualities to an already very Soulslike game, as Nioh 2 players can now be summoned to help against enemies, rather than just providing you with a dueling opponent over the course of play like in the original Nioh.

The original Nioh came out in 2017 and proved to be an immediate success, helped along by the various alpha and beta periods that Team Ninja released before then. The game also got four DLC packs that added new missions and items. Hopefully, Nioh 2 can reach the same success.

Nioh 2 development has been going on for a while before now, after the game was first announced at the Playstation conference at E3 2018. It was the third game based around feudal Japan and samurai that year, alongside Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro.

Since Sekiro released at the beginning of 2019, Team Ninja releasing Nioh 2 will make it the second of the three samurai games to come out. Ghost of Tsushima, while having gotten a trailer for the Game Awards last year, still doesn’t have a definitive release date.

But, with Nioh 2 development done and Team Ninja ready to move into the next phase of support for the game, hopefully Nioh 2 gets just as good of a reception as the original did. Once again, the game will be coming out exclusively for the Playstation 4 on March 13.