Nioh 2 Boundless Chaos Walkthrough

There is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2 called Boundless Chaos. You can play this mission after you complete the Palace of the Damned. This Nioh 2 Boundless Chaos Walkthrough will take you through this mission found in Darkness in the Capital DLC.

You have to expect both human and yokai enemies in this mission. You will be investigating the capital and stopping a mysterious figure.

Apart from this, you will be accompanied by a capital’s guardian known as Urabe no Suetake.

Nioh 2 Boundless Chaos

As this Darkness in the Capital DLC mission starts, Urabe no Suetake, will meet you and join your company as a companion for the Boundless Chaos mission.

As you start to move down the slope, you will face many Dwellers and a lot of new yokai Hellish Hag, as well as some corpses that you can rob to find Raishodo.

Now start to wonder and began to explore the area. Throughout, you will be finding enemies.


You can kill them all or just simply run; that’s completely up to you. Also, to get the Red Spider Lily, plunder the corpse that was being consumed by the Hellish Hag.

After you are done clearing the first section, start heading east, and you can see a very narrow pathway leading to some wooden beams.

Walk to the small platforms, destroy the yokai roaming like the Gaki and plunder the nearby corpses.

On the center part of the wooden beam, there is also the Scampuss. The Great Kanemitsu, Hornthrust Bow, Eccentric’s Cuirass, and Mataza’s Waistguard all have a large chest nearby.

In the yokai mist, above the huge chest, is the Underworld Soldier. Defeat them all and loot all the chests.

If you have managed to get all the items from the broad chest and killed the Underworld Soldier, you will go back to the wooden beam and scout the field below using the high ground.

You should destroy the Yokai Dweller, who is within the dark world.

Make sure that before you hop down to battle the Onyudo and Kiryoki, you have successfully destroyed all the dwellers first, as killing them will dispel the dark world.

You can see a big chest at the corner of the steps on the left that you can open because the dark world has vanished.

You will see a staircase going up; use it and head up. Go left and kill the shoji on the right to locate another Scampuss.

Go around the hallway after catching the Scampuss, and you’ll find a corpse you can loot and light the altar in the middle.

Move back outside and go out of the big crystal to the north. Next, proceed to the designated position where along the way, you can meet several yokai.

You will finally hit the marked destination where you will fight a gauntlet of yokai.

The fight will begin with two Warrior Skeleton and an Underworld Soldier who are going to the first yokai that will surface. The next enemy to appear is a Hellish Hag with a pair of Gaki.

The next category would be a couple of Oni-bi, followed by two Wheelmonk, and then Oboroguruma.

The gauntlet will finish by you beating the Oborogurum, and you will be able to reach the temple ahead of you.

Go in, open the gate and talk to the guy outside and there it is, the end of the Darkness in the Capital Boundless Chaos mission.

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