Nioh 2 Darkness in the Capital Ashiya Doman Boss Guide

Your pursuit for Ashiya Doman boss in Nioh 2 comes to a close, and the Lightning God of Yomi has inherited the body of Ashiya. In this Nioh 2 Lightning God of Yomi Boss Fight Guide, we’ll be showing you how you can deal with both phases of the fight swiftly.

Nioh 2 Ashiya Doman Boss

Ashiya Doman in Darkness in the Capital DLC is furious and will not stand to watch you decimate all of his plans. He stands his ground as he decides to fight you back with the power of Lightning.

The Fight Against Ashiya Doman

You’ll be fighting off Ashiya in the first phase initially. Ashiya starts off with an onslaught of ranged Lightning and Flame attacks.

Most of these attacks will lock onto you, so stay on the move. Circumvent his attacks and get close for a hit or two.

If you stay close for too long, he’ll attempt to surround the area around him with lightning strikes to throw you off.

Getting too close will also make him use his melee attacks to dispose of you. Take care to avoid any bursts of explosions from the ground when moving closer to him.

Completely depleting Ashiya’s HP will initiate the second phase of the fight.

Finding himself inferior to you, he will surrender himself to the Lightning God of Yomi, as its spirit takes control of his body.

Lightning God of Yomi

This is when the real fight starts. A few things you want to do prior to the fight are to use the Sloth Talisman to decrease his movement speed and the Weakness Talisman to bring down Yomi’s defenses.

You could also bring the Lightningstop Talisman, which is a perfect utility for this second phase of Ashiya’s boss fight.

Much like the first phase, when you get too close, Yomi will conjure lightning bolts to throw you off of him.

A good way to counter-attack Yomi is to wait for him to teleport to you and then proceed to get a few hits in.

The weapon we would recommend against the Yomi phase is the Switchglaive weapon. With the extended reach, you won’t have to worry about getting too close.

The fight’s a bit tough, so there’s no point trying to rush your approach against the Lightning God.

Take your time, and take the small windows of opportunities to slowly chip away at him and emerge victorious with his soul core in hand.

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