Nioh 2 An End to Seclusion Walkthrough

An End to Seclusion is the number 13th side mission that you will come across and it will be available after you are done with the main mission named The Hollow Fortress. Here we have a complete Nioh 2 An End to Seclusion walkthrough for you guys of this pretty small and easy side mission.

Nioh 2 An End to Seclusion

First, finish the main mission The Hollow Fortress and then this side mission will be available. We recommend a level 34 in order to complete this mission and the mission will be in the Soaring region.

As it is a very straight forward mission so there is not much to do, just follow the path from where the mission starts until you reach your first blocked room.

So in order to progress from all these short areas just like this first one, you will have a gauntlet that you will have to protect and take care of, and all these small areas will have 3 waves of enemies that you will have to fight through, the last wave of enemies will be a Yokai Realm.

So the mission is going to just get through all the enemies with Gauntlet, these areas will have a main event at the end as follows:

  • First Area ends with a Karasa Tengu and a Flame Oni-bi
  • The second Area ends with a Waira and a Water Oni-bi
  • Third Area has 2 Aberrant Soldiers and a Rokurokubi

So after these areas, the mission will be completed and this is the end of An End to Seclusion side mission.

The rewards that you will get at the end are:

  • Gesture CURTSY
  • Tobikura Kusarigama
  • Sacred Arrow x4
  • Roaring Gun Ammunition x3