Nioh 2 A Way Out Walkthrough

The main mission in Nioh 2, A Way Out will task players to find and follow Mumyo and to retreat from Kanegasaki. This is going to be a moderately difficult mission so we recommend you be at least level 38 for this mission. So let’s get started with Nioh 2 A Way Out Walkthrough.

Nioh 2 A Way Out Walkthrough

Walk forward to the Kodama shrine ahead and talk to the guy standing next to the shrine to learn more about the objective and Sacred Arrow.

Now walk up the hill you see ahead and you will face an armored dog ahead who will be just roaming around the broken houses.

Now go to the west to enter the forest and there will be an archer on the cliff, take out the archer and the dog as well and walk towards west and you will face another soldier with sword. After taking care of the soldier walk ahead and climb the stairs that get you to the cliff where the archer was.

There will be another soldier there so kill him and drop down from the right side of the roof and there will be a corpse and first Kodama in the corner as well. Guide the kodama to shrine and drop down to the tunnel and you will face two more soldiers, after taking care of them go ahead and climb the ladder.

Go up the slope ahead and face an Adachi-wielding soldier, just past him will be a corpse that you can loot for 3x Signpost Amulet. Then go straight ahead, there will be a small set of stairs right next to a large tree beside bamboo torch and the first scampuss will be behind the large stone right there.

Go forward after finding scampuss and there will be another large tree in the center, look up the tree and you will see a light coming from a large Yokai looking like an owl. Thus to avoid it, stay behind the trees on the left side of the path because if you get in the searchlight or shoot at the owl, the Yokai will be alerted and the area will turn into a Darkness Realm.

There will be a Yamanba, take care of it and there will also be a Gaki and a Skeleton Warrior there as well so keep an eye. Also, keep in mind to not get caught by that spotlight coming from the tree.

Unfortunately, if you are caught in the spotlight, run away from the area until the owl loses track of you.

So now the area will be engulfed by the dark realm so you will have to kill the source, which is a red orb that is shooting out black projectiles and it will only appear if you are caught by the owl. If you manage to destroy the orb it will dispel the dark realm and will also kill the owl.

If you manage to alert both of the owls in the mission and then disable them later in this way, you will be awarded with a trophy.

The second Kodama is also in the same area as the spotlight, just to the west side before you reach the small hut ahead. It will be behind some wooden planks. You will have to face a Yamanba that will be circling here, it is better for you to shoot the Yamanba first and bait it towards yourself to kill it, before you head to the searchlight area. You will see a Gaki right in front of you.

You will only have a small area in which the searchlight won’t shine, so kill the Gaki, you will have to watch on the top of the wooden incline for when there’s no Skeleton Warrior, sprint upwards and you might even have a Gaki follow you while you’re doing this.

You will have to turn around and look towards the left of the incline that you just came up on and you will see the second Kodama here.

Before you head towards it, shoot the skeleton body to your left and make it run up so that you can kill it afterwards. Once you’re done, go ahead and grab the Kodama. Head towards the left side of the path where the searchlight doesn’t appear.

Now you will have circle back and head around the upper area towards the owl. Stay left so that you stay out of the searchlight, you will need to watch out for the Gaki that will be patrolling on the hill. Kill the Yamanba up there and grab the item and you can continue to head down.

On the left side behind the tree and besides the hut, a Gaki will be behind some wooden boxes there and there will be a small chest in the house as well. Get inside the hut and outside the other door will be first Sudama.

After dealing with Sudama get outside the hut and go straight ahead and you will find a ladder at the end, kick down the ladder and this will open the shortcut to the starting point, go down the slope and you will see path split path ahead.

Head right first and you will run into some human enemies, kill the first person you run into and then head forwards on the path around that leads to the right to grab the item here. Afterwards, you can go down into the lower area, you will see a hut and another soldier cooking and another guarding the gate.

Kill both the soldiers and the third one inside the hut. There will be a large pot outside the hut, break the pot and there will be a Kodama inside. You can also search for a corpse to loot at the gravesite there and then go back.

There is an archer on the west side, kill the archer who will be under an NPC Benevolent Grave. You will also find an item here.

You will now have to go back to the split in the road and head left, go further inside the forest and next is a long wooden bridge guarded by a Gaki near a body, face it and cross the bridge, also there will be a Mitsume Yazura on the other side that will eventually come on the bridge so you will have to fight him as well. The Mitsume Yazura will be a three-headed Yokai.

The Mitsume Yazura will walk towards you and throw elemental attacks towards you, and sometimes they’ll shoot a beam of ice towards you as well. You will need a weapon with a longer reach to easily deal with this foe. You can separately hit the eyes to stun them.

Once you’ve killed it, cross the bridge but just when you reach the other side make sure your bow is ready and aim up at the cliff and take shot on the warrior skeleton up ahead on the cliff. There is a body to loot non the right side of the bridge next to glowing mushrooms. Walk straight and go up the slope to find a small corner with second Kodama Shrine.

Second Shrine
Go towards the wooden planks that you see ahead from the shrine and climb up the ladder on left, there will be a Gaki on roof waiting to ambush so use grapple attack to kill it.

Drop down on the other side and go to the roof on right side where there is a warrior skeleton and jump down the hole in the roof and face Yamanba in the house. Open the small chest, clear the house and get outside to walk to the tree in the centre.

Near the tree is a glowing pot that you can destroy to temporarily purify your weapon, go to the right of the tree and a One-eyed Imp will try to attack you, kill it before it transforms to a full-grown One-eyed Oni. Walk ahead to the bloody grave ahead in the middle of the path and you will hear a roaring sound when you approach the grave.

Before approaching the grave, ready your bow or rifle and look above, you will see a Biwa Boku-boku Yokai that can invoke nearby spirits, shoot it down before it invokes any nearby Revenant. If you fight this Revenant, it will use tonfas and it will swing through all of the attacks that you throw at him and it will not get stunned either, so you will need to be careful.

After killing Biwa Boku-boku Yokai, walk just around the corner and you will face another warrior skeleton who is on the branch on the right side just above you.

Take care of all those enemies and go up and take right to the branch tree again, loot the corpse on the edge and drop down on the other branch and below you will find your fourth Kodama.

Take the Kodama and get back and continue forward until you reach another area with a moving searchlight. There is a Mitsume Yazura here, so lure him away from the searchlight and kill it. You can do this by shooting at the Mitsume Yazura to bait it towards yourself.

However, if you’re spotted in the searchlight, get your trophy by disabling the Owl. The red orb will be towards the far-right side of the area. You can run towards here after you’re done killing the Mitsume Yazura and you can quickly destroy it using a Yokai ability, and then head back to reset.

There are Yamanba, One-eyed Imp, four Gakis and two warrior skeletons as well in the area that you will have to fight. You can fight them and if you get caught by spotlight then the procedure is same as explained above with the red orb.

Your fifth Kodama will also be in the same area, just around the corner where you face One—eyed Imp hiding in the bushes.

There are corpses here as well that you can loot, clear the area and walk straight ahead until you come across a tree that you can knock down and it will give you a shortcut to the second shrine.

Get back to area with spotlight after knocking down the tree and this time go to the left path that will take you to the temple. Shoot the warrior skeleton standing next to red torii gate and loot the corpses on the tree branch. Go towards the torii gate and ready your bow before entering as there is a soldier with rifle ahead.

There will also be an armored dog on the steps that will try to ambush you so keep an eye for that. Go to the closed temple and you will find sixth Kodama under the stairs. Loot the corpses by the closed door to get 1x Herbal Remedy and 1x Onmyo Mage’s Locks.

Then walk to the right side of the temple and walk up to the tree branch that has glowing pot containing purification effect and a Karasu tengu. Shoot this Yokai from afar and walk up the tree and drop down to planks and go forward until you find a split path.

Go to the right one and the second Sudama will be at the end near the corpse, trade with it and get back to the opposite path where you will encounter a One-eyed Imp and at the end you will see another hut and Yamanba inside as well.

Kill it and check the chests inside, get outside and there will be another glowing pot outside the house opposite of the hut. Grab the purification effect for your weapon from the pot and face the Yokai inside, Mitsume Yazura.

Get back to where you killed One-eyed Imp and at the lower area you will see a One-eyed Oni so kill it as well, past it will be a shack with chest and a hot spring for the mission behind the shack. Now get back to the area where you just fought Mitsume Yazura.

Now go towards the wooden gate ahead and kill two Gakis ahead and loot the body to obtain another memory and other items. Continue forward and you will find a Mumyo, talk to her and she will give you 1x Clay Bell of Beckoning. There will be third Kodama shrine at the path down below and a tombstone with another memory and 1x Inspiriting Gem.

Third Shrine
You will be at a village section for the third shrine and it will be engulfed by the dark realm, a Karakasa Umbrella Yokai will ambush at the entrance and you will also have to kill a warrior skeleton that is in front of you wielding a rifle.

Kill the first skeleton and you will see another one from the same spot on a bamboo bridge on the roof of a house, shoot it down and scout the area to clear it form any other nearby Yokai. You can also drop onto the rooftops from here if you wish or go down instead.

Though if you head down, you should be wary of the two Skeleton Cannons to your left who will begin to shoot towards you (unless you’ve already killed them). Kill the two so that you can easily stroll over the rooftops. There will be a Skeleton Soldier lying down on the second rooftop.

After that, head to the village and in the dark realm you will face other Yokai, warrior skeleton, Karakasa Umbrella, One-eyed Oni and the source of dark realm, the Mitsume Yazura.

Once you get to the Yokai fog, a Tengu will spawn here. Go to the next rooftop and kick the ladder down, you can shoot the enemies that you see below, or just drop attack it from above since it will be a better option, given that you get it rightly positioned in the middle to hit multiple heads. This will take a lot of its Ki and you can continue to attack it while it’s stunned.

Kill Mitsume Yazura and clear the dark realm, get back to the entrance of the village and check the house on the west side. Loot the body inside and you will hear a Yokai groaning, use the ‘backflip’ gesture and the Murikabe wall will let you pass without fighting.

There will be a backdoor path with warrior skeleton next to a glowing pot, at the end of the path you will come out of the house in the inner part of the village.

Also, go on the rooftops and look for the ladder that leads to a higher cliff, you will find a Benevolent grave and 1x Ninja’s locks on the top and for that first get to the cliff and then drop down on the highest roof where the warrior skeleton was near the third shrine. Though make sure that you’re here right before the boss’s door.

Now you just need to go ahead in the village to face the final boss of the mission, so search and clear the village first and then you will see a house near the gate that leads to the boss. Kill the Yamanba in the house and look for a large chest in the house, go out of the house and you will find the seventh Kodama behind those large pots.

After clearing the village at the end of Nioh 2 A Way Out, proceed to the gate to fight the main boss of the mission, Tatarimokke.