Nioh 2 A Voice in the Twilight Walkthrough

A Voice in the Twilight is a sub mission that has players returning to a village to investigate some Yokai disturbances. This Nioh 2 A Voice in the Twilight Walkthrough will help you clear the mission and defeat the boss at the end.

Nioh 2 A Voice in the Twilight

Go east from the start shrine of the mission and then turn left to find the Scampuss in A Voice in the Twilight mission. Pet the Scampuss and a lot of enemies will start spawning near you.

Your objective, for now, is to survive this onslaught of Yokai. You will have to face multiple waves of enemies to fight through so hold your ground and defeat them.

The first wave will consist of a few Gaki and once you defeat those, the 2nd wave will begin with some Oni-bi and a Yoki.

If you are unfamiliar with the Oni-bi, they can shoot fireballs at you from a distance so either keep moving to avoid those or defeat them before the Yoki.

Once the Yoki is down, some more Oni-bi and an Enki will spawn.

After defeating all the enemies and clearing the waves, you will have to fight the boss. Once the last wave of enemies is dead, Gozuki will spawn.

Gozuki has pretty much the same moveset as Mezuki so you will be familiar with this boss fight.

The boss fight in A Voice in the Twilight shouldn’t be too difficult. Just watch out for the flying rocks that Gozuki throws at you by swinging his weapon near the ground.

Dodge the rocks, watch for his animation to end and then get close to hit him a few times before backing off. Keep repeating the process to win the fight.

After going below half health, Gozuki will spawn the dark realm where your Ki regen is severely limited so you need to be more careful.

If you are still having trouble defeating Gozuki, we have prepared a detailed Gozuki guide to help out with this Nioh 2 boss fight.

Once Gozuki has been defeated, A Voice in the Twilight sub mission will end and you can leave the area.