Nioh 2 A Shadow’s Duty Walkthrough

Nioh 2 A Shadow’s Duty is a side mission, containing both human and non-human enemies. This guide is a complete walkthrough of A Shadow’s Duty mission. We have described all the things in a proper chronological order as they keep coming in your way through this mission.

Nioh 2 A Shadow’s Duty

So when the Nioh 2 side mission starts, you are in a fort section. There will be a room to your left. Go into the room and you will encounter an enemy here. There is also a corpse that you can loot.

There is also a ladder nearby. Look for it and climb through it to the top. You will encounter another soldier here.

Go further ahead from here then, and as you will exit through this building, you will see another one ahead of you. There will be 2 enemies here so you have to be careful.

After dealing with the enemies here, jump through the hole in the floor here and you will find a chest down here. Now head out of this building and as you will come out, you will see a door to the right and a building to the left.

Open the door to the right first, as it directly takes you to the starting point. And then go into the building on the left. There will be a lot of enemies of all kinds here as you make your way through this building.

Head towards the balcony of the building then, and then go further ahead. You will have to keep unlocking the doors one way or another and keep coming back to the location to proceed further.

Finally, you will come across the actual Big Guy of this mission – Namahage. Defeat this enemy and head into the building which this enemy was patrolling around.

You will find the Hattori Hanzo here, who you were actually set out to find and hence your mission will be marked as completed. You will also be rewarded with a Shinobi Box by him.