Niobe Labs Puzzle Arrives in Destiny 2 to Unlock Bergusia Forge, But Still Not Solved

There’s always something new going on in Destiny 2. The latest offering in Destiny is of Niobe Labs puzzle as part of the Black Armory DLC. Niobe Labs puzzle in Destiny 2 has arrived and it unlocks the Bergusia forge for you but it’s not solved yet.

Bergusia Forge is the fourth and final puzzle of the Black Armory update. But to unlock Bergusia Forge, at least one player has to complete Niobe Labs puzzle in Destiny 2 to unlock it. This Niobe Labs puzzle in Destiny 2 seemed to be very fun at first but later almost everyone is going crazy to know what happens next as it is still not solved.

This complex Niobe Labs puzzle can be found in EDZ through Sojourner’s Camp. If you are like me, you will see some weird symbols out there on walls and floors.

We are still waiting to see if anyone solves it. You are also required to use previous weapons from Forges to solve these puzzles so it’s definitely a tough take. Previous Forges that came with Black Armory DLC update are Volundr, Gofannon, and Izanami.

There’s still no guide to unlock this Niobe Labs puzzle as of now. So just keep an eye out to see if a fireteam is working towards unlocking this puzzle in Destiny 2. KingGothalion a very popular Destiny 2 streamer seems to be currently the one with most progress.

You can watch him here as he tries his best to unlock Niobe Labs puzzle in Destiny 2. If you are waiting to see Bergusia Forge then do check out us again soon to know first if this Niobe Labs puzzle in Destiny 2 gets solved.

This particular event by Bungie has caused the biggest Destiny 2 players to spend hours trying to solve it. It’s been almost more than a day and the puzzle is not yet solved. We are sure that Bungie expected it to be a very fun experience for the community but it has turned out to be another failure by Bungie as players are tired of waiting.

It’s not just the puzzle that needs to be solved in Destiny 2. Players report that as they pass through different Niobe’s Torment mission, they have to also decode messages which is a not very easy task to do so. These codes need to be put correctly to reach the next level and I’m sure a casual player like me won’t be able to do it. These codes are linked to ciphers.

Those who paid for Black Armory DLC and still can’t get a step inside Bergusia Forge in Destiny 2 are definitely getting angry. Not everyone likes to solve puzzles so all they can do is to wait for someone else to complete this so they can have access to Bergusia Forge in Destiny 2.

This is not the first time Bungie has done something like this. Bungie has previously made one fireteam do all the work resulting in rewards for others.

This Niobe lab was considered a content drop. People were expecting that they could jump into the game and look at the new content but it didn’t happen due to this complex puzzle inside.

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