Nintendo Switch+Tech Program Allows Teams To Bring New Technologies To The Console

If you thought that Nintendo Switch has had its fair share of the spotlight and will now begin losing ground over its competitors then you are mistaken. Not only more amazing titles are coming this year but that company also wants to upgrade it with innovative applications and gadgets. In order to do that, the Nintendo Switch+Tech Program is now underway, letting teams send their ideas to the company and later demonstrate it in order to create the next big Switch gadget.

After the positive feedback of Nintendo Labo, the company wants to rely more on bringing new types of technologies to Nintendo Switch, making it even more innovative than it now is. They announce the Nintendo Switch+Tech Program, which will give the opportunity for startups, research groups, and technology teams to work with them and create something new for the Switch. The announcement reads:

Nintendo Switch + Tech, managed by Scrum Ventures, seeks to find technologies that could lead to new experiences on Nintendo Switch. We welcome applications for all types of technologies that could be leveraged by Nintendo as the company continues to innovate experiences for Nintendo Switch, ranging from hardware to software.

Opportunities are wide open for startup teams of all stages, research teams at universities, or technology teams from larger corporations worldwide. A selective group of chosen applicants will have the unique opportunity to talk with the engineers behind Nintendo Switch and demo their technology.

Starting today, applications are open and everyone is welcome to provide their idea until June 9. After that, Nintendo will select the most qualified teams through a rigorous selection process that will include multiple interviews based on the information provided in the application. Over the summer the participants selected will undergo a virtual mentorship program from Scrum Ventures to work over a demo to pitch to Nintendo. Right after the end of summer, those with a demo will present their product to the company and they’ll be informed if their creation is viable or not.

If you have any cool ideas that might work for Nintendo Switch then don’t hesitate to find a team and bring the idea over to the company. This might be your chance to shine as a technological genius.

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