Nintendo Switch’s Second Year Is Crucial According To Nintendo President

Nintendo Switch’s second year seems to be a much more important one that the year before was. With no system sellers like Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo will have to find new ways and new exciting titles to keep engagement with the console at the current levels and, why not, raise those numbers even more.

Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima has talked recently about the success of the Nintendo Switch which has already dethroned Nintendo Wii as the fastest selling console in the US. He said:

To stay playable in the long run, the second year is crucial. We need to get more users, including people who are not used to playing game consoles.

Hearing Kimishima talk about bringing users that are not gamers to the Nintendo Switch is another reason for us to believe that Nintendo is working on bringing browser and application support to the console. Even after the fact that Nintendo didn’t announce such features at their latest Direct Mini, we should expect another one coming soon. Maybe this will be the time for us to get some cool firmware news?

Kimishima also pointed out that the ground is set for the console to be a hit and it falls to Nintendo Switch’s second year to determine if that huge success is going to last:

It depends on the regions, but the momentum around the world is comparable to that of Wii for the moment. […] Our games are aimed primarily at families, and other titles from third-party publishers will complete our offer, but I think that our progress could stop as soon as we do not manage to renew the ways of playing.

After a huge first year, Nintendo Switch is right now the go-to handheld consoles for all gamers. After TIMES has chosen Nintendo’s console as the best gadget to own in 2017, could it be that we’ll be able to see the Switch at the hands of other kinds of users too?

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