This Nintendo Switch XL Is A Dream Come True For Nintendo Fans

Nintendo Switch is a handheld and a home console in one but, for some the handheld mode’s display might be a little too small and a YouTuber has created a Nintendo Switch XL with a little ingenuity and money.

The Youtuber, My Mate Vince, is the one to create the Nintendo Switch XL by using creativity and £350. You can check out the video below to see how this Youtuber was able to create a Nintendo Switch XL.

The Youtuber used a 15.5-inch 1080p USB powered display and combined the components to the back with velcro. He also used portable batteries to power the display and FastSnail Switch dock. Furthermore, he also managed to attach detachable joy cons to the XL Switch.

Nintendo Switch has been incredibly successful and Nintendo intends to support it longer than its tradition console cycle. One would assume that we might see a hardware update for the console like 3DS XL but, Nintendo has confirmed that no hardware upgrade has been planned.

According to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, the reason why there won’t be a Switch hardware update like the 3DS XL is that the things that can be done on the go with Nintendo Switch.

When you think about what can be done with the Nintendo Switch as a device that can be taken on the go and that every person has in their hands to play, you realize it has many features not available on any other hardware to date.

Speaking of Switch, a report has made its way on the internet suggesting that PUBG is coming to Switch in 2019 along and for PS4 this year. The Switch version of the game will be based on the “mobile Build of PUBG” and will also have Amiibo support.

In 2019 a port of the new mobile Build of PUBG will be optimized for the Nintendo Switch with Support for Amiibo and will also have Smaller Maps for Local Play up to 16 Players but Full Size Maps will also be Playable Online or with Bots the game will be running at 1080p and Capped at 30 fps with Support for Gyro Aim and HD Rumble (Keep in mind that this is The Mobile Build of the Game with extra Features.)

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