Nintendo Switch Account Bans Imminent Due To Hacking

Over the past months, Nintendo Switch vulnerability to hacking has been spotted, making the console less impenetrable to jailbreaks than before. Due to that, hackers can now add content to first-party titles and use custom avatar images, however, permanent bans are imminent for those kinds of actions.

The least of Nintendo Switch’s problems due to hacking is the fact that users can choose their own custom images as an avatar. This looks like a minor tweak on the console, however, it might prove dangerous if used in the wrong way. Nintendo is strict about their use of images on their consoles and since the Switch is destined for children as much as adults, action must be taken on that matter.

The worst case of Nintendo Switch hacking though is the implementation if indecent content into first-party Nintendo titles. A few days ago, the father of a young user urged parents to their child’s Nintendo Switch offline until Nintendo offers parental control after he found pornographic images on his son’s copy of Super Mario Odyssey. It’s hard to pinpoint if there are other similar attacks on Nintendo Switch titles but it shows the extend to where those attacks can reach.

Those actions though don’t come cheap. Switch’s online network can pinpoint specific hardware, resulting to console permanent bans. This happens to pirated games as well, as both retail and digital copies of games on Nintendo Switch are certified and can be easily identified against pirated games.

As a result, Switch users that have used hacking to tweak their consoles are getting banned on the platform. A Nintendo representative has replied to The Verge’s question about the matter, confirming the already known. This is his statement:

A very small number of consumers have been using modified Nintendo Switch systems to display inappropriate or unauthorized material in certain online games. Nintendo always strives to provide a positive experience for all consumers and this includes continuously monitoring all threats to its products’ security and taking swift and strong action to prevent them. Modified Nintendo Switch systems have been banned.

As it seems, this is not a good time to be tweaking your Nintendo Switch. In the end, it might come down to the console being again the impenetrable console it was for almost a year now.

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