Nintendo Switch VR Support Hinted In System Code

Nintendo Switch VR support is something that users have been hoping for and while there has been all kind of speculation regarding Nintendo Switch VR support, we might have just found proof. A Twitter user posted some lines of code that he found in the Nintendo Switch OS and this could hint towards Nintendo Switch VR support.

This code was found by principal security consultant Cody Brocious. He believes that this hints towards Nintendo Switch VR support but he does not know whether or not the code works right now. This could be something in development which has been dropped in a previous update.

While Nintendo Switch VR support is possible, given the low-resolution display that the Nintendo Switch has, I am not sure that the experience will be too good. But then again it is a portable device and you should not expect too much from it when it comes to VR support. According to Cody Brocious:

“This is not Android code in any way. This is part of the appletOE IPC interface, and it’s 100% Nintendo code. I can’t confirm whether or not this works as of yet, but I’m at about a 90% confidence that this is at least partial virtual reality support. I’ll know more in a day or two when I can actually test it properly.”

Nintendo Switch VR Support

There was another user that suggested that this could easily be Android code. Even though Nintendo Switch OS is not entirely based on Android, it does use some of the Android code. Brocious had the following to say regarding the matter:

“Actually, no. There’s a decent bit of Android code on the Switch. It certainly doesn’t “run Android” or anything, but libstagefright (Android’s media lib), Binder (Android’s IPC lib/protocol) is used by one sysmodule, and there are bits of Android layer code used (probably just for convenience and compatibility with existing Tegra driver code).”

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Let us know what you think about Nintendo Switch VR support and whether or not you would be interested in playing a VR game on the Nintendo Switch.

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