Ubisoft: We Were “Surprised” How Easy It Is To Develop Games For Nintendo Switch, Snowdrop-Engine And Switch “Perfectly Fit Together”

Ubisoft is one of the many third-party partners with Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft will be bringing Mario + Rabbids for the hybrid console later this month and the studio has revealed that developing games for Switch is so easy that the team itself was surprised.

Speaking with ntower, lead narrative designer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Andrea Babich, talked about developing games for Nintendo Switch and revealed that the team was surprised at how easy it is to develop games for Switch. He added that Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine, which powers The Division, fits perfectly well with the console.

Actually we were really surprised about how easy the development for this system is. I don’t want to sound like a Ubisoft or Nintendo fan, but when we got the Dev-Kit and put the Snowdrop-Engine onto the Switch, these two perfectly fit together. The Snowdrop-Engine, which is our engine for almost everything and which we used for the last South Park game is so versatile that we quickly lost our worries about the development.

However, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will not be the only title from Ubisoft that will come to Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft has revealed that it will be announcing more games for Switch soon.

Furthermore, Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2 are coming to Switch. Following the success of Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Switch Capcom has been very interested in bringing its titles to the hybrid console.

Also, there are other third-party games, like WWE 2K18 and FIFA 18, will release for the hybrid console this fall. Also, developers have assured that WWE 2K18 for Switch will not be based on last-gen consoles as FIFA 18 will be. We might also see Platinum Games’ Bayonetta coming to Switch.

By the looks of it, Nintendo has turned the tables with its latest console as more and more third-party games are coming to Switch.

Source: ntower

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