Nintendo Switch Stolen From a Child In Surgery

There have been a number of robberies in the past where we saw consoles as well as software being stolen. Not too long ago, someone stole Uncharted 4 copies and Sony took action. During the same time Nintendo was the victim when Amiibo and other properties were stolen from a truck.

In UK, numerous fans who pre-ordered Nintendo’s Splatoon and related Amiibo were left disappointed and possibly shocked, as a truck carrying copies of the game and Amiibo was robbed.

The truck was heading to retailer GAME, from Nintendo’s European warehouse.

According to a report, those who were affected by this are being offered the standard edition of Splatoon, in addition to a £10 discount.

Nintendo was again the victim, later on, when another truck was hijacked but the news we have today is indeed the most disturbing. A Nintendo Switch alongside other valuable items was stolen from a six-years-old boy who is undergoing a medical procedure.

The infuriating instance of theft took place in Oklahoma where a Midwest Family, specifically, their son Caleb Kindle was robbed of his precious Nintendo Switch. Kindles purchased Caleb the handheld in order to help him recover from his surgery. He had a congenital condition called “curly toes” and was looking forward to playing the Switch after his surgery.

Oklahoma police released a picture of the perpetrator.

Caleb’s mother Casey stated that “He didn’t just take the gaming system, He stole my wallet which had $250 in cash, my credit cards, my debit card.”

“He notices that the door is open so he goes down to the stairway for about two minutes,” she said. “He stays in the stairway and noticed that nobody’s around and goes to our door again and he’s looking around making sure nobody’s in there and that’s when he walked in”

If you have any information regarding this man, please contact Midwest City police at 405-739-1306.

Source: Fox

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