Nintendo Switch Sales Would Pick Up In Japan: Media Create

Nintendo Switch sales are not blazing any trails in Japan, its hometown, but the machine overall is doing pretty well for itself. However, Nintendo would love to see a boost in sales and if Media Create is to be believed, the Japanese gaming giant may see it soon.

According to Media Create, it took just 17 days for Nintendo Switch to reach a million units and its attach rate has improved as well. Their analysis shows that compared to PS4 and Wii U, the Nintendo Switch’s growth is comparatively better and is expected further jump up.

Worldwide sales stand at 2.7 million units and should touch 3 million in the coming weeks and months. Software support is lacking at the moment and there isn’t much to play. However, Nintendo had a decent lineup in the pipeline.

During the recent shareholders meeting for Nintendo, the company revealed that Nintendo Switch has sold over 2.7 million units since launch and 2.74 million units to be exact. The company also revealed that Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild sold a total of 3.84 million units on both Switch and Wii U, of which over 1 million were sold on Wii U and over 2.7 million on Switch.

Moreover, a recent report mentioned that Nintendo has increased the production of the console to 18 million units for the current fiscal year. The production increase will help overcome the shortages.

Do you think Nintendo Switch sales would pick up once more games are available to play? How much is third party support important? Share what you think in the comments below.

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